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Ventilation ducts and pipes

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Extraction fan ducting and fittings

Ventilation ducts are easily connected to all types of ventilation systems and essential in improving indoor climate. We have a wide range of ducts available in all shapes and sizes to fit all buildings and spaces. Extraction fan ducting varies from metal rigid ducting to plastic flexible ducts and all sorts of flexible hoses.

Ventilation ducts and pipes

Ventilation tube and spiral tube for your mechanical ventilation

The plastic types of ducting pipes are made for connection to various models of fans and for kitchen extractor hoods and mechanical extract ventilation units (MEV). The ducting is made of PVC plastic and available in sizes starting from 100 mm, or 4 inches. In addition, we have various types of galvanized spiral ducts with associated fittings. Spiral ducting can be ordered in different diameters. The spiral duct complies with the strict LUKA standards, guaranteeing quality. Thermoduct insulated spiral ducting is essential for the installation of an MVHR system, since the thermal insulation prevents condensation.

Which kinds of ducts do I need?

Do you have trouble choosing the right ventilation ducting? Specially for you, we developed a ducting selection tool, with which you can find out which ducts match your requirements perfectly! If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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