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Non-vision transfer grilles

Non-vision transfer grilles

Are you looking for non-vision transfer grilles? With more than 200 non-vision grilles you will find the largest selection of transfer grilles! The pass-through grilles can be mounted in a wall or door and allow air to pass from one room to another. Because the transit grilles are non-vision versions, the wall grille is not only suitable for offices and schools, but also for changing rooms and toilets! The grilles are available in different sizes and also with two different fixings: with clamping springs or visible screw fixing. If you are looking for the variant with screw fixing, we supply the screws in the correct colour. Choose one of the following categories:

Non-vision transfer grilles

Non-vision transfer grilles with Y-shaped vanes

The non-vision transfer grilles are made of aluminium and only have horizontal vanes. The blades are inverted Y-shaped and stand close together. This makes it a non-vision grille, but still allows ventilation. With this clever arrangement, the free passage of a non-vision grille is about 38%. A light-tight grille can also be obtained with these grilles. To do this, you place two of these grilles one after the other and paint these in matt black. This is ideal for rooms that have to be dark or cinemas! All grilles are available in different sizes, the spacing width varies between 200 mm and 600 mm and the height varies between 100 mm and 500 mm. 

Non-vision transfer grilles in various mixed colours

At Ventilationland, all non-vision transfer grilles are available in various mixed colours. Namely in RAL 9010, RAL 9003, RAL 9005, RAL 7001 and RAL 9016. We do not charge any extra for these colours. As a result, the pass-through grille always fits in the room where you place it or in the interior. Are you looking for a grille in a different colour? We will be happy to make you an offer without obligation.

Do you want more information about the different grilles or are you looking for a custom solution? 
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