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For the purchase of MVHR filters you have come to the right place! With our wide range of filters for MVHR units, you will always find a filter for your device. Simply select the brand and type of your heat recovery system and you will immediately see all the matching filters! It is a good idea to change the filters of your MVHR system regularly in order to keep the air in your home fresh and healthy at all times. We also give you a discount on the MVHR filters if you buy several at the same time, this way you will always get the best value for money! Choose a MVHR filter directly or read more about how it works below. We sell MVHR filters for many different brands.

MVHR filters

Why should I replace my MVHR filters?

A MVHR unit is an energy-efficient ventilation system using heat recovery. The air entering the ventilation box is purified by means of filters. If these filters are never cleaned and/or replaced, they lose their function and this leads to a poorer functioning of the ventilation system. As a result, less fresh air enters your home! That is why we recommend replacing your filters 2 or 3 times a year. More information about replacing the MVHR filters? Also have a look at our page with do's and dont's when replacing MVHR filters


For which systems are these MVHR-filters suitable?

There are filters available for almost all MVHR systems! You first select the brand above and then click on the model MVHR. We sell filters for MVHR systems of all brands, including Itho Daalderop, Brink, Orcon and Vent-Axia. Can't find your MVHR system in this overview? Please use the search bar at the top or contact us at contact. We will then make sure that you find a filter for your MVHR system!


Quantity discount on MVHR filters

Do you want to order more than one piece? We offer extra high quantity discounts on the individual filters and the filter sets, which makes the filters even more economical. When you order 2 pieces you already get a 5% discount, when you order 10 pieces you get a discount of up to 10%! If you are looking for even larger quantities, we will be happy to make you a personal offer. We also offer the lowest price guarantee on all products: can you find the same product cheaper on another website? Then you will receive the difference back!


New regulations MVHR filters: ISO16890

Since August 2018 the filter standard has changed. The quality of the filters is no longer indicated by G3, M5 or F7 but by the new ISO16890 standard. With this new standard, the quality of MVHR filters can be indicated many times better and this also provides more clarity for the customer. In the new regulations the following values are indicated per filter:

  • ISO Coarse - percentage of coarse dust blocked by the filter
  • ISO ePM1 - percentage of particulate matter ( < 1 µm ) blocked by the filter
  • ISO ePM2.5 - percentage of particulate matter ( < 2.5 µm ) blocked by the filter
  • ISO ePM10 - percentage of particulate matter ( < 10 µm ) blocked by the filter


Compare old and new standard MVHR filters

For MVHR filters, the old regulations are still often used and therefore it is useful to be able to compare these standards. In the table below we have contrasted the terms in order to give a better picture of the different filter classes. Please note: this is an estimate and the values may vary slightly.

Filter class ISO Coarse ISO ePM10 ISO ePM2,5 ISO ePM1
G3 > 45 % - - -
G4 > 90 % - - -
M5 > 95 % > 50 % - -
M6 > 95 % > 60 % 50 - 60 % -
F7 > 95 % > 85 % 65 - 80 % 50 - 65 %
F8 > 95 % > 90 % > 80 % 65 - 80 %
F9 > 95 % > 95 % > 95 % > 80 %


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