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MEV units

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Mechanical extraction ventilation

With continuous extract ventilation from an MEV unit, you can maintain clean air in multiple rooms. The MEV unit extracts stale, polluted air from kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms and simultaneously, fresh air is supplied to those rooms through structural air leakage and trickle vents.

MEV units

What is Mechanical Extraction Ventilation?

Mechanical extract ventilation, also called extract only ventilation, is a ventilation method in which air is continuously extracted from multiple locations by an MEV unit. As this air is being extracted, fresh and clean air will enter the home due to the decreasing air pressure. This occurs through wall, window or door grilles. Some advantages of mechanical extraction systems are that they are easy to install yourself and that they can be operated by using CO2 and humidity sensors or by a fixed three-position switch. Some models even come with an app for your smartphone that allows you to control the MEV unit from anywhere in the house.

Maintenance and replacement of the MEV unit

MEV units, which have a lifetime that is generally around 15 to 20 years, continuously extract polluted air. Therefore, it is to be expected that grilles and valves will become contaminated with fine dust and dirt from inside and outside. If the system is not cleaned, not only polluted air can remain in or be directed back inside, the mechanical extract ventilation unit will also work less efficiently when it becomes dirty and/or gets clogged, both of which result in a less healthy indoor climate.

To keep the ventilation system and the indoor climate in good condition, you can follow these guidelines:
• Clean the air vents and valves once a month.
• Check and clean the mechanical fanbox every 2 years.
• Have the ventilation ducts cleaned once every 4 to 6 years.

Which MEV box do I need?

When choosing a (new) mechanical extraction ventilator, keep the following points in mind:
• How many extraction points do I have in my home? If you have many extraction points, consider a system with a higher flow rate.
• The space you have available for placing the extraction ventilation system. MEV units at Ventilationland come in all shapes and sizes.
• The control of your mechanical ventilation. At Ventilationland we have all sorts of fans with various control options. Think of CO2 and moisture sensors, wireless controls and fixed three-position switches.

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