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Itho Daalderop MEV units

Biggest range of Itho Daalderop ventilation systems

With mechanical ventilation from Itho Daalderop you make an excellent choice to ventilate your home. Itho Daalderop has been a trusted partner in this field for many years. Is your current ventilation system in need of replacement or are you opting for mechanical home ventilation for the first time; Itho Daalderop offers you two different systems: Itho Daalderop CVE-S Ecofan fan and Itho Daalderop OptimaFlow CVE CO2.

Itho Daalderop MEV units

Itho Daalderop CVE-S Eco fan

The high-quality and energy-efficient Itho Daalderop CVE Ecofan fan box is available on Ventilationland at a competitive price. With the installation of this Itho mechanical fan, you are guaranteed a healthy indoor climate in your home. Itho's compact square unit is easy to place in the desired location due to its modest size.

OptimaFlow CVE CO2

As well as the Itho Daalderop CVE Ecofan, Ventilationland also offers CO2-controlled mechanical ventilation packages: Itho Daalderop OptimaFlow CVE CO2. These packages contain the high performance version of the Itho CVE Eco fan including CO2 control, whether or not integrated.

Save £50,- per year on your energy costs
The purchase of an Itho Daalderop CVE Ecofan fan box not only regulates clean air, but if you replace it for your old ventilation unit, it also ensures that you save at least 50 pounds per year on your energy costs. So for clean air, environmental sustainability and saving money on your energy bill, choose this Itho ventilation box.

Compact mechanical ventilation
The plastic housing of both ventilation systems is particularly easy to maintain and thanks to its compact size, the Itho Ecofan fan box takes up little space. The mechanical ventilation is connected to a suitable ventilation duct, ventilation tube or spiral pipe to ensure even air extraction from the various rooms. Each mechanical ventilation system is supplied with a corresponding work description for quick installation. Would you like to buy the Itho CVE-S Ecofan fan or the Itho Daalderop OptimaFlow CVE CO2 online? Then Ventilationland is the webshop for you! Buy your mechanical ventilation online quickly and inexpensively at Ventilationland.

Installation advice

Ventilationland has been supplying thousands of mechanical ventilation systems to private individuals and companies every year for many years. So we can call ourselves specialists. We want to share this knowledge with you. If you have a technical question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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