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Targeted ventilation with DuoZone & QuattroZone

Targeted ventilation with DuoZone & QuattroZone
Posted on 10-3-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

Targeted ventilation based on the air quality per room has been a trend for some time now and is becoming more and more popular. This is understandable, because it has many advantages. More and more major brands such as Orcon and Brink are expanding their range with zone control, which allows the house to be divided into two zones. Division into 4 zones is new in the market. Itho Daalderop will not stay behind and adds both smart zoning solutions to the HRU MVHR system: the DuoZone and QuattroZone. Available from 1 April 2021.

How does the DuoZone work?

By measuring the air quality in each room, the ventilation system can supply fresh air where and when it is actually needed. This is possible with the DuoZone, this solution ensures that demand-controlled fresh air is supplied by the MVHR system. The living and sleeping areas are ventilated specifically on the basis of the CO2 level, which results in saving energy, reducing noise and optimising the indoor climate where it is needed at that moment.

With DuoZone, two valves are placed on the supply ducts and these are then controlled by the CO2 sensors placed in the correct rooms. Of course, the zone valves are never fully closed and there is always minimum ventilation.
The DuoZone will be available for the Itho Daalderop HRU ECO 300 and HRU 400 heat recovery systems.

what is duo zone

How does the QuattroZone work?

With DuoZone, the supply of ventilation air is zoned based on CO2 measurements. If there are people in the living room and the air quality decreases, more air will be ventilated to keep CO2 levels low. This also applies to the master bedroom. If nobody is present, less ventilation will take place.

With the QuattroZone this is the same, but it is also possible to zone the exhaust of air from the kitchen and wet areas (bathroom, toilet and/or laundry room). Two extra dampers are placed on the extract air ducts and can be controlled with the RFT Auto wireless control. The QuattroZone solution is even more energy efficient and makes the already low noise level of the MVHR unit even lower.
The QuattroZone will be available for the Itho Daalderop HRU 400 heat recovery system.

what is quattro zone

What are the advantages of zone-controlled ventilation?

As we mentioned earlier, there are many advantages to zone control for an MVHR unit and it is not without reason that we see this method increasing in popularity. Besides general advantages of zone-controlled ventilation, the new solutions from Itho Daalderop also have advantages compared to other brands.

Itho Daalderop MVHR unit HRU ECO 300 R + built-in RFT 300m³/h
Itho Daalderop DuoZone set for HRU ECO 300
Itho Daalderop HRU 400 RFT High-rise 400m³/h
Itho Daalderop QuattroZone set for HRU 400
The advantages of zone-controlled ventilation:

  • Targeted ventilation where it is needed.
  • This allows you to save a lot of energy.
  • The fan produces less noise.
  • The air quality inside is improved.

Advantages of the Itho Daalderop solutions:

  • The Itho Daalderop solutions are very installation-friendly. The valves are simply mounted on the MVHR unit or in the duct, these valves can be directly connected to the unit with a cable, so no extra sockets are needed. In this way, you can quickly and inexpensively preserve.
  • The commissioning, adjustment and operation can be done via the app, which is very easy! It is important that this happens properly to ensure proper operation.
  • The CO2 sensors and RFT Auto controls all communicate wirelessly via RF with the HRU 400 WTW system.
  • The zoning (2-zone and 4-zone) can be expanded with CO2 sensors in the other bedrooms.
  • The solutions have a high efficiency rating: for the QuattroZone this is fctrl 0.41 and for the DuoZone fctrl 0.44.

Do you still have questions after reading this article or do you need help? Feel free to contact our expert customer service team, they will be happy to help you.

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