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Bathroom extractor fans

You will find the largest range of bathroom fans in the United Kingdom at Ventilatieland.
At Ventilationland.co.uk you will find more than 100 different bathroom fans, plenty of choice!

Bathroom extractor fans, for optimal ventilation of wet rooms!

Extractor fans are the perfect solution to removing unpleasant odours and moisture that originate from the use of rooms. Ventilationland's wide range of extractor fans provides you with plenty of options in terms of location, style, colour and size to make sure you get what you need! The right extraction fan ensures that mould buildup through lingering steam and unwanted smells are prevented and otherwise extracted.

Bathroom extractor fans

Choosing the right extractor fan

Do you have trouble choosing the right extractor fan for your bathroom? Don't worry! Ventilationland has developed the bathroom fan decision tool especially for you. On this page you can easily fill in what is important to you by means of the filter. For example, are you looking for an extractor fan with timer or one with a humidity sensor? Simply apply one or more filters and find instant results that meet your needs. If you do not yet know which extractor suits you best, please do not hesitate to contactus.

How to get rooms ventilated properly?

For optimal ventilation in rooms such as lavatories, showers & bathrooms, you need to install a bathroom extractor fan. All of our extractor fans are not only extremely quiet thanks to the motor with bearings, but above all low in energy consumption. Additional options for the fans are a timer, humidity sensor, pullcord switch and automatic closing valves. In addition, our wide range of extractor fans presents the opportunity to find an extraction fan that looks good in your bathroom.

If you opt for one of Ventilationland's bathroom fans to ventilate your room, in addition to the standard 2 years warranty, you get another 4 years on selected bathroom fans. Take a look at our wide range of bathroom and ceiling fans and let us convince you of our quality and service.

Mechanical extract ventilation or an inline tube fan as a solution

Do you want a powerful extraction fan in your bathroom? Then you can opt for an inline tube fan in your bathroom or mechanical extract ventilation. If the bathroom fan cannot be mounted to a duct that directly leads outside, it can be wise to choose for mechanical extract ventilation system or an inline tube fan. If the extracted air has to travel a long distance through ventilation ducts, a bathroom fan might not be powerful enough. In that case, an MEV unit or inline tube fan can do the job without a doubt!

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