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Spiral ducts and fittings

You will find the most complete range of spiro tubes and accessories at Ventilationland.co.uk at an affordable price.
You will find the most complete range of spiro tubes and accessories at Ventilationland.co.uk at an affordable price.

Spiral ducts and all necessary fittings

A spiral duct is also called spiral pipe or spiralite duct and is used for the supply of fresh air and the removal of polluted, humid air. At Ventilationland you will find the largest range of galvanised spiral pipes, ventilation ducts and accessories. We provide all fittings with a rubber SAFE connection as standard, so you can be sure that your seal is airtight. This also makes it so that you don't have to use other fixing materials or brackets to fit the ducts and fittings to eachother.

Spiral ducts and fittings

High value spiral ducting

All our spiral ducts are made of durable Z275 galvanised steel that we produce according to the highest standards. Each spiral pipe complies with the set standard 'Air density class C' which guarantees that the galvanised duct has a high air-tightness. The rubber seal, which is fitted as standard to our spiral duct fittings, ensures even less air loss. The less air is lost, the more energy you save. Ventilationland supplies spiral pipes in various diameters and lengths. Should the required size not be available, we will be happy to custom make the spiral pipe for you.

Extra long or insulated spiral pipe

We offer ducts with a length of 1 metre. We have made this choice because this way we can guarantee a fast and cheap delivery! All spiral pipes can be sprayed in different RAL colours.

In our product range you will also find the high-quality thermoduct insulated metal ducts. These pipes fit any heat recovery system and meets the strictest noise requirements. Due to the insulated outside layer, condensation caused by low temperatures is prevented

Constructing a ventilation system with spiral ducting

The spiral pipe is suitable for both the installation of ventilation systems in homes and the installation of extensive ventilation systems in large buildings such as offices and hospitals. You can connect the spiral pipes to each other using the various auxiliary and connecting pieces.
Would you like to know how to easily install a spiral tube yourself? Check out our information page 'Installation (spiral) ducts'.

Spiral ducts at Ventilationland

Do you want to buy spiral pipes and/or accessories? On our website you will find galvanised spiral ducts in all shapes and sizes! Ventilationland supplies thousands of ventilation systems and accessories to both individuals and companies every year. And we have been doing so for many years! With us, you benefit from the following advantages:

• Excellent service
• Short delivery times
• The largest assortment of ventilation products • The lowest price guarantee (If the product is cheaper elsewhere, we will refund you the difference!)

As a specialist in the field, we have a lot of knowledge in-house, which we are happy to share with you. Do you have a (technical) question or would you like advice on our products? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

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