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Single room MVHR unit

For optimum ventilation with heat recovery in a single room
For optimum ventilation with heat recovery in a single room

Single room heat recovery units

Continuously replace polluted air in a single room with clean, heated air from outside with one of our single room MVHR units. All the while reducing your energy bill due to heat retaining technologies inside the ventilation unit. A quick and efficient solution to ventilation problems that requires no ducts whatsoever.

Single room MVHR unit

What is single room heat recovery ventilation

A single room MVHR unit provides optimal ventilation of one room. A single room heat recovery unit is the perfect solution for balanced ventilation and installing one is very easy compared to installing whole house MVHR due to not having to install ducts. The heat exchanger in the unit ensures maximum heating comfort with high efficiency.

With a single room MVHR, the supply and return air is supplied via the same unit. It uses previously warmed internal air to heat up fresh air being drawn in. Because of its compact size and significantly lower price compared to a whole house MVHR system, it is ideal in a renovation project or as a quick solution to ventilating certain rooms.

An MVHR-unit without ductwork?

Do you want an MVHR-system (balanced ventilation) without the hassle of installing air ducts? That’s possible with a single room heat recovery unit. Single room MVHR units are suitable for every home because they require little to no renovation.

Advantages decentralised ventilation

• Easy to install without a duct system
• Easier to maintain compared to central ventilation
• Ensures less pressure loss
• Little or no noise pollution
• Reduces energy bills because of heat recovery

Disadvantages decentralised ventilation

• Ventilates only one room
• Multiple units to maintain

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