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AirExchange Air purifier 600-T Black - 600m³/h

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AirExchange Air purifier 600-T Black - 600m³/h
AirExchange Air purifier 600-T Black - 600m³/h
£ 1.070,18
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Product description

AirExchange 600-T

This air purifier from AirExchange is in a class of its own. The AirExchange 600-T is a powerful air purifier with a capacity of up to 600m³/h, which is enough for a room up to 100m². With its stylish, elegant round appearance and many different functions, this air purifier is very suitable for, for example, schools, offices and homes. Available in a black or white steel housing, it fits in any room.

The units are richly equipped with:

  • Bright touch screen display for operation and display of the current temperature and humidity
  • Delivered with remote control
  • Can be remotely controlled with AirExchange's handy app
  • Equipped with a sleep mode and automatic night detection
  • 4 different air speeds
  • Filter monitoring
  • Timer function
  • Child lock


This luxury device is equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies. This allows you to filter up to 99.99% of polluted particles from the air. Take, for example, the patented Vortex technology. This technology makes use of the fact that polluted air particles are heavier than clean air particles and therefore float closer to the ground. The Vortex technology creates an upward airflow that sucks in the contaminated air at the bottom and blows the cleaned air into the room at the top. This technology allows the AirExchange air purifiers to filter rooms faster than air purifiers that draw in air from above.

In the video below, it is evidently shown how important an air purifier is:

Filter technology

The filter is a round 360° filter combination that sits in the middle of the air cleaner. The Vortex technology creates a strong airflow in the middle of the filter so the air is sucked from all sides of the filter. As a result, the maximum filter capacity is used and the rooms are cleaned faster.

The filtering is done by means of 5 types of filtration. First, the air has to pass through an antibacterial filter that removes large particles such as hairs, dust and pollen from the air. Next, the air passes through a medical grade HEPA 14 filter, which is also used in space and aviation. This filter removes the smaller particles such as mould, bacteria and viruses. The third line of defence is an active carbon filter that picks up unpleasant odours, gases, smoke, grease and other volatile substances.

After these steps, the air is basically clean. Many other air purifiers stop at these steps, but AirExchange goes further than that. The device also has a natural ionisation filter that ensures that any remaining microorganisms (that are positively charged) are discharged and thus rendered harmless. As a final barrier, the air is treated with UV-C light that penetrates the particles and breaks them down in the nucleus of the cells. Of course, this technology only remains within the air cleaner and does not come into contact with people.

Are you looking for an air cleaner but is it a bit too big? Take a look at the larger 750-T variant.


Do you have questions about whether the AirExchange air purifiers are right for you, or do you want to know more about the technology? Please contact customer service. They will be happy to help you.


    • Fast purifying with Vortex technology
    • Controllabe with easy app
    • Stylish appearance allowing it to fit into any room
    • High cleaning rate of 99.995%
    • With UV-C technology



CategoryAir purifier with HEPA filter
Warranty2 years
Product code19120082
Vendor Code20200600-T | ZWART
Unitper piece
Capacity600 m³/h
100 m²
Power supply220V/AC (50Hz)
SoundMax 68 dB
Filter typeRough filter
HEPA filter
Active carbon filter
Electrostatic filter
UV-C light
Energy consumption85 W
Filter indicatorYes
Child lockYes
Remote controlYes
Bedienbaar met appYes
Length300 mm
Depth300 mm
Height806 mm
Weight14 kg


360 AirExchange filterset 600/750-T

AirExchange filterset 600/750-T

Stock item: 3-5 working days
  • Filterset HEPA
  • Active carbon
  • UV-C lamp
£ 150,84 £ 125,70 Excl. VAT
Product code: 19120084

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AirExchange Air purifier 600-T White - 600m³/h

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