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Periso AERSwiss Pro Blue air purifier with bipolar ionisation

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Periso AERSwiss Pro Blue air purifier with bipolar ionisation
Periso AERSwiss Pro Blue air purifier with bipolar ionisation
£ 1.553,78-25%
£ 1.165,33
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Product description

Air purifier with bipolar ionisation

This air purifier has an electrostatic filter, a carbon filter and a bipolar ionizer, which filter the air for you. The unit has a capacity of 100m³/h. This is suitable for a room of approximately 30m².

How does it work?

The air is drawn in through the back. It then passes through the electrostatic filter to capture coarse particles. Next, the air is purified of unpleasant odours and dangerous gases by the carbon filter. The bipolar ioniser then ensures that the unwanted particles are charged positively and negatively by means of an electric field. The electrically charged particles are then 'shot' into the room. Here, the particles attach themselves to the unwanted viruses, bacteria and fine dust, making them heavy, and then they fall down due to gravity.

Extra ions in the air

On top of the filters in the device, positive and negative ions are shot into the air. These ions can neutralize the virus particles and bacteria in the air, causing them to fall to the ground. This ensures an even better interception of the particles, without the 'polluted' air having to pass through the air purifier! This makes the Periso AERSwiss Pro Blue much more efficient than comparable models of other brands.

Please note: ionisation is often applied by shooting single, negatively charged ions into the air. However, in-depth research has shown that bipolar ionisation (both positively and negatively charged ions) is much more effective and, more importantly, does not cause any negative side effects. The bipolar technology used in Faton Health air purifiers was developed by Periso in Switzerland. An additional advantage of bipolar ionisation is that no ozone is released.

The importance of air purifiers

We spend 90% of our time indoors. Often in poorly ventilated areas. Poor ventilation increases the number of harmful particles such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust particles in the air. As a result, people suffer more from allergies and become ill more quickly. It has been shown that with good air purification and ventilation, people are generally more productive and less often ill. An air purifier can help you filter the air in your home or office and improve it to a natural quality.


  • Electrostatic filter and carbon filter
  • Bipolar ionisation for even higher efficiency
  • CADR of 100m³/h
  • Filters more than 99% of unwanted particles
  • An extra set of filters is included



CategoryAir purifier with ionisation
Warranty2 years
Product code19120004
Vendor CodeAerSwiss Blue
Unitper piece
Capacity80 m³/h
30 m²
Power supply220-240V
Sound38 dB
Filter typeElectrostatic filter
Carbon filter
Type of ionisationBi-polaire ionisatie
Ionisatiekracht320.000 ion/cm³
Ionisatie voltage~5.0 kV negatief en positief
Energy consumption25 W
Filter indicatorNo
Length386 mm
Depth190 mm
Height235 mm
Weight6 kg


Periso filter set for air purifier Pro Blue

Periso filter set for air purifier Pro Blue

9-12 working days
  • Filterset
  • Electrostatic + carbon filter
£ 108,00 £ 90,00 Excl. VAT
Product code: 19120040

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Does a bipolar ioniser emit ozone?

No. Because both negative and positive ions are created, no ozone is emitted. The small quantity of positive ions is immediately neutralised by the many negative ions. This allows more ions to be shot into the air, making the Periso air purifier even more effective.

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