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Inline extractor fan

At Ventilatieland you will find the largest range of tubular fans in the United Kingdom, universally applicable and with a standard 5-year warranty!
At Ventilatieland you will find the largest range of tubular fans in the United Kingdom, universally applicable and with a standard 5-year warranty!

Duct extractor fans with 5 years warranty

The inline fans in our range are made of high quality metal or plastic and are suitable for placing in or between flexible ducting or spiral ducts. Duct extractor fans are more powerful than bathroom and kitchen extractor fans in the extraction of polluted and humid air.

Inline extractor fan

Duct extractor fans for every room

Inline fans are available in different ventilation flow rates, air volumes and diameters, there is a suitable inline extractor fan for every room. However they are especially good for longer ducts, which require more powerful ventilation. If you want to be able to adjust the speed of your duct extractor fan, our controllers and regulators will do the trick.

Do you need a decision tool?

Do you have trouble choosing the right tube fan? We understand that very well! That is why Ventilationland has developed the tube fan decision tool. On this page you can easily tick which properties the tube fan needs. Do you still not know which tube fan you need? Feel free to contact us.

Inline extractor fans from Ruck Ventilatoren GmbH

Ventilationland has been a premium distributor of the German brand Ruck Ventilatoren GmbH since 2017. Ruck's duct fans are high-quality high-performance fans at a competitive price. The most efficient inline extractor fan is the Etamaster. The Etamaster is a silent duct extractor fan made of plastic with a mixed-flow impeller. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, this mixed-flow fan ensures a low noise level, even at high flow rates.

As well as the Etamaster, you will also find the Etaline on Ventilationland. Compared to the Etamaster, the Ruck Etaline inline extractor fan can overcome a little more resistance and is available in larger sizes. With backward-curved blades, Ruck's RS duct fan can also overcome great resistance without losing its ventilation power. We are happy to advise you on which duct extractor fan is best suited to your situation.

PVC duct fans

These silent axial duct fans produce little noise and can be used for many applications. Depending on the diameter, the in line extraction fan will have to be connected to suitable drain hoses and pipes. The available diameters are 100, 120 and 150 mm, or roughly around 4, 5 and 6 inches. Take a look at our extensive shop offer or let our friendly staff inform you about the various possibilities, no strings attached!

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