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For years, Ventilationland has been the official webshop of Orcon. We not only supply to private individuals, but also sell to the business market. As a customer of Ventilationland you benefit from our advantages, such as up to 90 months of warranty, the lowest price guarantee and fast delivery. 

Orcon's product range includes mechanical fans, pipe roof fans, heat recovery units, heat recovery filters and related accessories.

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Orcon mechanical ventilation

Orcon MVS BlueLine and SmartLine

With a capacity of no less than 520 m³/h, this domestic fan is the most powerful in our range. Nevertheless, the Orcon MVS is one of the quietest and most energy efficient fans on the market! 

View all Orcon MVS systems.

Orcon Compact

Orcon Compact

The Orcon Compact, as the name suggests, is the most compact domestic fan and therefore extremely suitable for spaces with little installation space. This model weighs only 3.4 kg and can ventilate up to 360 m³/h!

View the Orcon Compact fan.

Orcon heat recovery units

Orcon Healthline HRC

The HRC 300 EcoMax and HRC 400 EcoMax have a capacity of 300 m³/h and 400 m³/h respectively and are among the smartest heat recovery units currently available. They are up to 60% more economical than their predecessor!

View all Orcon heat recovery units.

Orcon heat recovery filters

Orcon heat recovery filters

Replace the filters of your Orcon heat recovery unit on time. By regularly checking the filters, the heat recovery unit remains in good working order. The air quality remains optimal and the system retains its low energy consumption!

View all Orcon heat recovery filters.

Orcon helpdesk

Orcon helpdesk

As an Orcon partner and main supplier, we can answer 99% of your questions. And if not, we'll ask Orcon directly for you. This way we make sure that you will always be helped quickly. 

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Proud partner of Orcon

An optimal indoor climate contributes to good health. The Dutch company Orcon focuses on providing tailor-made solutions, with the aim of achieving good ventilation in schools, businesses and homes. Thanks to our cooperation you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Up to 90 months of warranty on all fans
  • A wide choice of products at the lowest prices
  • Fast delivery
  • All necessary information on one website
  • Excellent service
  • Advice and support from Ventilationland, possibly with the help of Orcon.

Orcon - responsible ventilation

Development and innovation play an important role within Orcon. To ensure that their products are of continuous quality and their supply matches demand, they continuously conduct market research. Orcon strives for a range of sustainable and affordable products.

Service of Orcon

Both Orcon and Ventilationland place high demands on service. To ensure that you benefit from optimum ventilation, in addition to product and instructional videos, you will find the following information with almost every product on our website:

  • User manuals
  • Product brochures
  • Installation manuals
  • Energy labels

Do you have any questions about Orcon products? Please contact us at 01753 260 000 or send an email to info@ventilationland.co.uk. Of course you can also fill in the contact form.

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