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Installation of (spiral) tubes and assembly tips

At Ventilationland we have many different pipes and fittings in our assortment. But how do you assemble the (spiral) pipes, ducts and fittings? We try to explain this as well as possible here. Can't find the information you were looking for? Please contact our expert customer service, they will be happy to help you.

Mounting (spiral) tubes

To be able to connect the pipes and fittings to each other, of course it is not convenient if they all have the same diameter, e.g. 100 mm. That is why the pipes do have a diameter of 100 mm, but the fittings (everything except the pipe) are slightly smaller, in this case about 98 mm. This way you can easily slide them together.

  • To attach two tubes to each other, you need a male coupler.
  • To attach two fittings to each other, you will need a female coupler.
  • A tube and a fitting can be attached directly to each other.

--> A female coupler is actually a short piece of tube. A male coupler is smaller and goes into a tube.

The connection of a fan is also called either "male" or "female". The type of connection can be found under the specifications under "Connection".

  • Male: no male coupler needed, a tube can be connected directly to the fan.
  • Female: does need a male coupler because the diameter is the same as the tube.

All fittings in this category are equipped with a SAFE connection (sealing rubber), so you can be sure that your connection is airtight. No tape or sealant is required.
To fix the spiro tubes securely you can use the brackets with rubber.

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