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Installation of fans and assembly tips

In this expert article we talk you through the dos and don'ts of installing a bathroom fan, mechanical ventilation or heat recovery system yourself. Many of these tips can, of course, also be used when connecting other, similar, fans. Let's start with one of the most frequently asked questions:

"Can I install a fan myself?"

"Yes, however, this answer may depend on many factors; your experience, location, degree of electrical connection, correct material (drill, saw, screwdriver(s), stairs, etc.)." We are happy to provide you with more information below.

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1. Bathroom fans.
2. Mechanical ventilation.
3. Heat recovery ventilation system.
4. (Spiral) tubes and fittings.

Four general assembly and installation tips when installing a fan

These four tips can be a big help during installation, we recommend that you read these tips in advance – even before you plan to buy a fan. After all, good preparation is half the job done.

1. When purchasing a new fan - check the installation location

When installing a new fan (no replacement), first assess whether there is sufficient space to install a fan. Take into account the length, width, height and depth of the fan, as well as any pipe and electrical connections and, in the case of heat recovery, the condensation drain.

2. When replacing a fan - check the current specifications

When replacing a product, it is important to know in advance what the properties of the old product to be replaced are. Why? Because after purchase you will always have a product that fits your needs. For example: connection diameters, length, width, height and depth, but also the electrical connection.

3. Read the assembly instructions and watch our installation videos

Most manufacturers send a (installation) manual with the product. However, we recommend that you read the installation manual before purchasing in order to answer any questions or to prepare for installation. Then use our data enrichment. We have added (installation) manuals and/or brochures to 99% of all fans. These are .pdf files and can be downloaded directly from our website. These files can be found on the product pages under the heading "documents". If you prefer to watch a product video, please click here.

4. Safety

Last but not least, safety is the most important issue during installation. Installing a fan, with safe products, in a safe environment.

Here are the three most important points:

- Before making any electrical connections, switch off the power/electricity

- Do you need to install the fan at height? Use scaffolding or sturdy steps, always make sure to use a flat, non-slippery surface

- Work with certified/well-working tools

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