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Thermoduct 13mm insulated lid diameter 180 mm
Thermoduct 13mm insulated lid diameter 180 mm

Thermoduct 13mm insulated lid diameter 180 mm

Article number: 11302180

Brand: Econox

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Thermoduct isulated lid with a diameter of 180 mm

This Thermoduct lid is equipped with a galvanic metal pipe with an outer casing of thermal insulation material with a 13 mm closed cell structure.

The Thermoduct insulated lid is suited for air duct systems and Ideal for the supply and extraction of outdoor air. Can be used with an MVHR installation or air source heat pump. The Thermoduct insulated ventilation pipe and accessories are developed and produced by Econox.

Prefab solution

Thermoduct is thé prefab solution for the installation of insulated, silent and energy efficient ventilation. The insulated lid is prefabricated and insulated which makes the installation much easier. This also reduces installation time and therefore saves costs.

Reduction of heat loss and no condensation

Thermoduct is an air duct system with a high-quality thermal insulating casing. The casing ensures that heat loss is reduced and due to the dense cell structure of 13 mm, water vapor cannot be transferred. Thermoduct regulates temperature differences between the indoor and outdoor air, which makes condensation unlikely to occur.

Easy to install

Thermoduct stands for airtight installation. The Thermoduct products are provided with rubber seals and straps and as a result the Thermoduct fittings achieve air tightness class D or ATC 2. Thanks to the safe connection with rubber sealing and the convenient vapor-tight sealing strips, there is no need for any taping. The inner pipe is also galvanised and therefore easy to clean.

Noise reduction

Thanks to the acoustic properties of the insulating casing, noise is reduced in the ventilation ducts, resulting in a silent ventilation system. This makes it the solution for installations that meet the strict noise requirements of the 2012 Building Decree (max. 30dB(A))).

Brand Econox
GTIN 8719544261861
Manufacturer's item number 11302180
Article number 11302180


Diameter 180
Dikte isolatie 13 mm


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