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Ruck ROTO air handling units with rotary heat exchanger 3830m³/h (ROTO K 2800H WO JR)

Ruck ROTO air handling units with rotary heat exchanger 3830m³/h (ROTO K 2800H WO JR)
Ruck ROTO air handling units with rotary heat exchanger 3830m³/h (ROTO K 2800H WO JR)
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Good points

  • Brand: Ruck fans
  • EC-motor, tot 3830 m3/h
  • Waterbatterij zonder koeling
  • Right unit, plug & play

Ruck ROTO air handling units with rotary heat exchanger 3830m³/h (ROTO K 2800H WO JR)

The air handling unit ROTO K...H Is a heat recovery unit with rotary heat exchanger. The efficiency of the rotary heat exchanger in the ROTO K...H series is above 80%. The air handling unit also restores up to 60% of the humidity in a room. In addition, in winter, too dry an indoor air is counteracted and thus a healthy indoor climate is realized.. The ROTO K...H air handling units are also available with hot water electric heater, water cooling heater or DX coil.

Energy Efficiency

The highly efficient EC fans achieve a toal efficiency of over 60% and are thus well above the IE4 efficiency class.

High-quality execution

De air handling units with rotary heat exchanger is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and resists ice build-up. The frameless two-shell enclosure consists of high quality galvanized sheet steel. Between the two shells there are insulation panels with a thickness of 50mm. The unit is equipped with a bottom frame.


All air handling units are equipped with a microprocessor control as standard, wired and tested at Ruck's factory. The ROTO K...H series is additionally supplied with sensors and actuators. This ensures easy Plug and Play installation. All cabinets in the ROTO K...H series have a constant volume. Desired air volumes can be regulated via the control unit. In addition, automatic mass flow correction is integrated into the control unit. The air handling unit is expandable with further control options such as CO2 control, humidity control and a Modbus RTU interface. This ensures flexible application possibilities.


The ROTO K...H air handling units are very suitable for ventilating for example offices, public areas and meeting rooms.


The ROTO K...H series contains M5 and F7 filters and provide hygienic filtration of the return air and outside air. In addition, there is a condensate pan on the supply and return sides. Cleaning of the air handling unit is very easy due to the smooth inside of the unit. In addition, cables are easily accessible because they are located outside the air flow.

2-year warranty

Ruck has been a leading A-brand with the highest quality products for over 25 years.

  • Volume Constant EC Fans
  • For indoor and outdoor installation (optional accessories)
  • ROTO compact heat recovery unit
  • Operating limit -20°C to +40°C
  • Panel filter F7/M5
  • Heating LPHW (heat battery water)
  • Version left
  • Complete with Plug and Play control
Click here to go to the Ruck website. Here you will find interactive diagrams in which you can easily find the pressure, power usage, efficiency, noise levels and rounds per minute for a certain air flow.

It is possible to request a quote for orders with a minimum of 3 products and an ordervalue of £1000 (ex. VAT) or higher. This can be done via our request a quote page.

Brand Ruck ventilatoren GmbH
Category Horizontal heating wheel
GTIN 4061199024471
Manufacturer's item number 139051
Article number 65139051


Number of phases 3~N
Type of motor control 0-10V
Weight 309.5 kg
IP Motor IP55
Insulation Class Motor F
Cooling battery None
Max. Operating Current 3.4 A
Max. pressure 1350 Pa
Max. Air Volume 3830 m³/h
Max. Current Consumption 1.7 A
Max. power consumption 1105 W
Max. Static Efficiency 51.9 %
Max. allowed Medium Temperature 40 °C
Max. allowed Medium Temperature at Rated Current 40 °C
Max. allowed Ambient Temperature 40 °C
Max. allowed Ambient Temperature at Rated Current 40 °C
Max. number of revolutions 3480 1/min
Max. Total Efficiency 52 %
Min. allowed Voltage 400 V
Min. Operating Temperature -20 °C
Motor Protection TEC
Motor type EC
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power consumption 2226 W
Nominal voltage 400 V
Nominal current 1.6 A
Rated Speed 3400 1/min
Drafting Indoor and outdoor installation
Direction of blow out Horizontal
Heating battery Hot water
Heat exchanger Heat wheel
Implementation Rechtse
Category code 36



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