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HomEvap Direct Cooler
HomEvap Direct Cooler
HomEvap Direct Cooler
HomEvap Direct Cooler

HomEvap Direct Cooler

Article number: 19221013

Brand: HomEvap

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HomEvap direct cooler

The HomEvap Cooler is suitable for (almost) any room, because it can be used standalone: you do not need to connect it to a ventilation system. The appliance comes with a wireless control and is completely Legionella safe. The HomEvap has been developed to create a healthy indoor climate, and with success. The cooler is simply connected to your water pipe and automatically filled. In addition, the HomEvap is always supplied with Hedis wireless control, which allows you to set up the Cooler and run it fully automatically.

With the HomEvap Direct cooler you can easily prevent:

  • Feeling cold with normal heat
  • Heating of the room

Benefit HomEvap Direct Cooler

  • Standalone control
  • Fully automatic by the wireless control
  • Delivered including cooler and fanbox
  • Proven result for 10 years
  • Works fully automatic
  • Low running costs
  • Legionella safe

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Brand HomEvap
Categorie HomEvap MVHR air humidifier
GTIN 8719326331898
Manufacturer's item number HEPDC
Article number 19221013


Breedte 350 mm
Plug 3-core powercable
Suitable for wireless control Yes
Suitable for cooling Yes
Suitable for air humidification No
Suitable for humidification and cooling No
Hoogte 350 mm
Duct connection 150-200
Length 258 mm
Coupling cable length 1000 mm
Length of power cord 1000 mm
Housing material Polypropyleen (EPP)
Max. cooling capacity 1350
Max. air volume 600 m³/h
Max. power consumption 80 Watt
Max. water supply 3 bar
With wireless control Yes
With temperature sensor Yes
With humidity sensor Yes
Min. capital and reserves 80 Watt
Min. watertoevoer 1.5 bar
Motortype Alternating current
For connection to MVHR No
Water disposal 15 mm PVC sla


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