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Inline tube fan 200mm mixed-flow ETALINE M - EL 200 E2M 01
Inline tube fan 200mm mixed-flow ETALINE M - EL 200 E2M 01
Inline tube fan 200mm mixed-flow ETALINE M - EL 200 E2M 01

Inline tube fan 200mm mixed-flow ETALINE M - EL 200 E2M 01

Article number: 65122239

Brand: Ruck ventilatoren GmbH

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Ruck® fast clamp - 2 pieces diameter 200mm - VM 200
Ruck® 3-step switch MTS - MTS 10
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Ruck® Etaline inline tube fan

The Ruck® ETALINE inline tube fan (EL M series) has an energy-efficient motor that can be operated with a Ruck® three-step switch. The Etaline inline tube fan is supplied including mounting brackets and can be mounted directly on a tube. However, we recommend the corresponding Ruck® fast clamp to reduce vibrations and noise through the duct.

The Etaline is a powerful fan and 50% more economical compared to other inline tube fans and has a built-in thermal switch to prevent burn out. In addition, the inline tube fan is equipped with a Mixed-Flow impeller with stator, as a result of which the fan will still produce a low sound level at a high flow rate. The EL M series is available with capacities ranging from 360 m3/h to a maximum of 1710 m3/h and with diameters ranging from 125 mm to a maximum of 250 mm respectively.

Ruck ventilatoren GmbH, is a leading German company with more than 25 years of experience. They are market leaders in the field of energy-efficient inline tube fans. With more than 300 enthusiastic employees, they work together on new developments and techniques on a daily basis. The company ensures quality assurance in order to deliver a great product with the latest ERP (Energy Related Product) requirements.

  • 3-step or with adjustable speed
  • With plastic housing
  • Including mounting brackets
  • Built-in thermal switch
  • Mixed-Flow impeller with stator
Click here to go to the Ruck website. Here you will find interactive diagrams in which you can easily find the pressure, power usage, efficiency, noise levels and rounds per minute for a certain air flow.

It is possible to request a quote for orders with a minimum of 3 products and an ordervalue of £1000 (ex. VAT) or higher. This can be done via our request a quote page.

Brand Ruck ventilatoren GmbH
Categorie Tube fan Etaline M
GTIN 4061199011365
Manufacturer's item number 122239
Article number 65122239


Connection diameter 160 mm
Number of phases 1~
Number of poles 2
Control On/Off
Control On/Off
Type of motor control 36925
Capacitor µ 3.5 µF
Capacitor Voltage 450 V
Gewicht 3.4 kg
IP Complete Unit IPX4
IP Motor IP00
Insulation Class Motor F
Max. Operating Current 0.5 A
Max. pressure 320 Pa
Max. Air Volume 820 m³/h
Max. Current Consumption 0.5 A
Max. power consumption 109 W
Max. Static Efficiency 30.3 %
Max. allowed Medium Temperature 60 °C
Max. allowed Medium Temperature at Rated Current 60 °C
Max. allowed Ambient Temperature 60 °C
Max. allowed Ambient Temperature at Rated Current 60 °C
Max. number of revolutions 2810 1/min
Max. Total Efficiency 30.3 %
With timer No
Min. allowed Voltage 230 V
Min. Operating Temperature -25 °C
Motor Protection TAI
Motor type 1~
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal power consumption 130 W
Nominal voltage 230 V
Nominal current 0.45 A
Rated Speed 2890 1/min


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