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Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7
Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7
Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7
Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7

Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7

Article number: 38001050

Brand: Econox

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Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7

1x filter cloth CT 15/150 143x175x10 mm. G4 + 1x compact filter MP without frame 132x164x20 mm. F7

The G4+F7 filter set from Brink is suitable for the Renovent Sky 150 MVHR. This filter of the highest quality guarantees optimal functioning of the ventilation system together with healthier, filtered indoor air. Also note the prices when purchasing 2, 5 or 10 units: the price will be automatically reduced!

What MVHR systems are these filters suitable for?
The Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filter set G4 + F7 corresponds to the Brink MVHR filters with the following product codes:


Free filter service

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Checking / cleaning or replacing filters plays an essential role in this. Virtually no attention is paid to this in practice. We do pay attention. As well as your order for your filter set, you will receive:

- Free reminder every three months
- Personal offers (e.g. filters)
- Tips and tricks for extending the life of your filters

Filter class comparison

You may have heard of it before: the new filter standard "ISO16890". The old filter classes (G4, M6, F9, etc.) will slowly disappear and be replaced by the new standard. To avoid ambiguities and make it clear for you, we have provided the diagram below, where the old filter classes are compared with the new standard.

Filter class ISO coarse ISO ePM10 ISO ePM2.5 ISO ePM1
G3 > 45 % - - -
G4 > 90 % - - -
M5 > 95 % > 50 % - -
M6 > 95 % > 60 % 50 - 60 % -
F7 > 95 % > 85 % 65 - 80 % 50 - 65 %
F8 > 95 % > 90 % > 80 % 65 - 80 %
F9 > 95 % > 95 % > 95 % > 80 %

More information
Article - New regulations and standards for filters
Article - The effects of poor ventilation

Brand Econox
Categorie Brink Renovent Sky 150 MVHR filters
GTIN 8719544141071
Manufacturer's item number 38001050
Article number 38001050


Breedte 175 mm
Depth 10 mm
Depth 20 mm
Unit Set
Filter class ISO filter 1 ISO coarse 70%
Filter class ISO filter 2 ISO ePM1 55%
Filter class filter 1 G4
Filter class filter 2 F7
Suitable for MVHR brand Brink
Suitable for MVHR type Renovent Sky 150
Length 143 mm
Filter material Synthetic


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