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Adjustable, accurate airflow

Duct grilles, made for assembly on spiral pipe!

Looking for a duct grille? You will find the largest selection of duct grilles here! Duct grilles are installed on a spiral pipe and are therefore also called spiral duct grilles. The grilles are made of galvanised steel and are available in different sizes, so the grilles fit on many different spiral pipes. The spiral duct grilles have adjustable vanes, so that the air stream direction can always be controlled. This makes the grilles suitable for both supply and return. The vertical vanes are at the front and any horizontal vanes at the back. In the duct grilles category we make a distinction between two different types:

Duct grilles

Duct grilles with double adjustable vanes

A duct grille with double adjustable vanes has both vertical and horizontal slats. Both sides are adjustable, so the direction of the air stream can be controlled even more accurately. Duct grilles with double vanes are therefore extremely suitable for both supply and extraction. The grilles with double adjustable vanes are available in different sizes, so one will always fit on your spiral pipe. Please pay close attention to which grille you choose. For example, a 125 mm high duct grille fits on a 315 - 800 mm diameter spiral pipe, while a 225 mm grille fits on a 630 - 1400 mm diameter spiral pipe. Choose one of the categories below to view duct grilles with double adjustable vanes:

Spiral pipe diameter 150 - 400 mm | Spiral pipe diameter 315 - 900 mm | Spiral pipe diameter 630 - 1400 mm

Duct grille accessories

We also offer accessories for duct grilles, such as angled sliding valves. These sliding valves are mounted behind the grilles on the inside of the spiral pipe. These valves allow extra air to pass through the grille. This may be desirable if the grilles are used for supply. The sliding valves are also adjustable, allowing the air stream rate to be adjusted for each grille. The sliding valves are also available in different sizes, from 425x75mm to 1225x325mm!

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