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Catering fan

Kitchen fans for powerful extraction of high temperatures
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Fans for kitchen extraction

You will find all roof and exhaust extraction fans suitable for the catering industry here! Extract all food gases immediately, or quickly extract heat from a restaurant kitchen. The Ruck® catering and kitchen fans have an enormously powerful motor that provides a large air capacity. The fans can also handle high temperatures, up to 120°C! The kitchen fans are available in many different capacities and multiple different types: roof fans and exhaust fans with different types of motors.

Catering fan

Catering and kitchen roof fan (insulated)

The Ruck DVN is a roof fan suitable for kitchen extraction with vertical discharge direction. The fan is suitable for extracting air up to a maximum of 120 degrees Celsius! This makes the roof fan extremely suitable for catering extraction. This catering fan can be operated with a 5 or 7 position transformer. The motor is placed outside the airflow and has an integrated grease and condensation collection tray, which is discharged separately. Because the air is blown out vertically, the fan has a high efficiency and low noise level. The roof fan is also available in the DVNI variant, where additional sound-absorbing rock wool is placed on the inside of the housing. This makes the fan even quieter!

Catering industry exhaust fans (Multi Purpose Swing-out)

The Ruck MPS kitchen exhaust fan has a motor mounted outside the airflow. As a result, the polluted exhaust air is not passed through the engine and warmer air can be passed through. This is necessary to make the fan suitable for catering ventilation! The extraction fan has a double layer housing made of galvanized steel and is insulated with 40 mm rock wool. The fan can be folded out, so that it is also easy to clean. The exhaust fan also has an integrated condensation and grease drain and has an adjustable speed. The Ruck MPS is available with or without an energy-efficient EC motor and available in various capacities and dimensions.

Catering industry exhaust fans (Multi Purpose Cube)

The Ruck MPC D/EC T kitchen exhaust fan has an energy-efficient motor that is mounted outside the airflow. The polluted exhaust air does not get past the engine, so much warm air can be removed! The exhaust fan has a steel double layer housing and is insulated with rock wool. The air outlet or duct connection of the MPC T series fans can be connected to the left, right or to the rear. The bottom is designed as a tub so that the condensation and grease can be removed, thus cleaning the air. The MPC D/EC T series is available in capacities between 2610 and 15750 m³/h and in diameters from 250 mm to a maximum of 630 mm.

Whatever design you choose, Ventilationland is guaranteed to supply a high-quality ventilation product at a competitive price! Do you want to buy catering and kitchen fans online? Then Ventilationland is the webshop for you! Ventilationland has been supplying thousands of ventilation systems to private individuals and companies every year for more than 20 years. We can therefore call ourselves a specialist and we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Contact us for the possibilities!

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