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Sonodec acoustic insulated flexible ventilation hoses

For optimal sound comfort of your MVHR unit Ventilationland has the Sonodec acoustic ventilation hose in its assortment. With this acoustic ventilation hose, any noise nuisance caused by your MVHR unit is a thing of the past.

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Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø82 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 44,50 -20%
£ 35,60 £ 29,66 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500008
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø102 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 45,95 -20%
£ 36,76 £ 30,63 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500010
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø127 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 45,45 -20%
£ 36,36 £ 30,30 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500012
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø152 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 50,51 -20%
£ 40,41 £ 33,67 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500015
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø165 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 52,29 -20%
£ 41,83 £ 34,86 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500016
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø185 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 65,72 -20%
£ 52,58 £ 43,81 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500018
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø203 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 58,92 -20%
£ 47,14 £ 39,28 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500020
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø254 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 75,15 -20%
£ 60,12 £ 50,10 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500025
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø315 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 104,00 -20%
£ 83,21 £ 69,34 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500031
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø356 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 127,46 -20%
£ 101,97 £ 84,97 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500035
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø406 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 142,71 -20%
£ 114,17 £ 95,14 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500040
Sonodec acoustically thermally insulated Ø457 mm ventilation hose (10 metres)
£ 179,73 -20%
£ 143,78 £ 119,82 Excl. VAT
Product code: 72500045

Sonodec acoustic hose 10 meters

Flexible ventilation hose for optimal ventilation system

The insulated ventilation hoses are provided with a thermal and acoustic sound-absorbing layer that reduces the noise of the air intake and supply. The inside of the hose consists of an equally flexible and perforated hose. This ensures that the air supplied is pressed through an extra layer of fibreglass, which reduces the circular movements of the air and reduces noise. The aluminium outer jacket ensures that connection to the MVHR unit is seamless, without air from outside being able to penetrate. This makes the insulated hoses the ideal solution for silent ventilation in any room of the house. Available in different diameters, from 82 to 457 mm.

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