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Smoke extractor

Fume extractor system for powerful extraction

Smoke ventilation systems are resistant to high temperatures up to 400 °C! They extract smoke and heat to prevent them from spreading. To do so, the fans need to be able to exhaust a lot of air in a short time. Therefore, all exhaust fans are equipped with a very powerful motor with very high air capacities, from 1870 m³/h up to 17540 m³/h! There are centrifugal and axial extractor fans suitable for placement in kitchens and on roofs.

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Smoke extractor

Smoke extractor box fan

The fume extractor box fans have a frequency-controlled motor outside the air flow. As a result, the warm, polluted air does not pass directly through the motor. The fan can constantly handle a medium temperature of 200°C and temporarily (max. 120 minutes) even discharge gases of 400°C! This can be very useful for e.g. commercial kitchen extraction. The box fans are available for different air flows and are fitted with a tray for collecting grease and condensation.

Smoke ventilation roof fan

The exhaust ventilation roof fans are, as indicated by the name, mounted on the roof and are also suitable for the extraction of very high temperatures. The smoke extractor can temporarily extract gases of up to 400°C! The fan can constantly handle a medium temperature of 200°C. The roof fan is also available with an insulated housing, which has a sound-absorbing effect. As a result, the fan makes much less noise!

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