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EnviSense | CO2 Monitor

The Dutch company EnviSense is an international provider of CO2 Monitors. EnviSense distinguishes itself through its user-friendly devices, which always keep you informed of the air quality in the room. You are always automatically warned when you need to ventilate. This makes the EnviSense suitable as a ventilation meter for your home, but also for schools, offices and other larger spaces!

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Incl. data logger EnviSense CO2 monitor with data logger - CO2 smart

EnviSense CO2 monitor with data logger - CO2 smart

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  • With data logger
  • CO2 measurement
  • Humidity and temperature measurement
  • With traffic light function
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EnviSense product range


EnviSense became famous with its CO2 monitor. This monitor not only measures the CO2 content, but also the temperature and humidity. The CO2 meter is very accurate and also has a data logger which shows the CO2 content of the previous day or week. This user-friendly device will always keep you informed of fluctuations in the CO2 level. An alarm can be set at a certain ppm, so you will automatically hear when you need to ventilate.

EnviSense CO2 Monitor features


In addition to the handy alarm control and data logger, the EnviSense CO2 meter also has three coloured LED lights. Green indicates a healthy indoor environment: less than 1000 ppm CO2. Yellow indicates moderate air quality: between 1000 and 1400 ppm CO2. Red means that ventilation is required immediately, otherwise there will be harmful effects to your health: more than 1400 ppm CO2. Want to know more about the EnviSense CO2 monitor?Take a look at the official website of EnviSense.

The importance of ventilation


The CO2 level in a room is a good indication of how well the air is ventilated. People breathe out CO2, and if there is no fresh air supplied from outside, it leads to an increase in the CO2 level in the room. Ventilation can be achieved by opening a window, but often a mechanical solution is more appropriate. In that case, air is supplied and removed automatically and you do not have to worry about it anymore. Air that is not refreshed can be very dangerous.

Questions about ventilation


Ventilation, and the lack of it, has been in the news a lot lately. Is there something that is not clear to you? We are ready to answer all your questions! Please contact us by mail or phone.

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