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Why is humidity important?

Why is humidity important?
Posted on 9-11-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

Why is humidity important?

The colder it gets outside, the drier the air will be inside. The heating is turned on more often, so the relative humidity becomes lower and lower; the ideal conditions for a virus.

Viruses feel good at low humidity, the virus particles become even smaller due to the low relative humidity, so they are easy to transmit and penetrate even deeper into the lungs. Research by professors at Delft University of Technology shows that an air humidity level of between 40 and 60 percent helps to limit the spread of viruses in indoor spaces. Besides a demonstrably increased risk of transmitting viruses, low humidity also brings with it many tangible inconveniences during the winter months. How do you notice when the air is too dry inside?

  • Dry and stinging eyes
  • Dry skin and dry lips
  • An irritated nose
  • A dry cough or a tickling throat
  • Headaches and/or tiredness
  • Static electricity

How high is the humidity in my house?

Would you like to know the air humidity in your house? The EnviSense air quality meter gives you an instant insight into the relative humidity. This way, you can always see whether you need to additionally humidify your home. In addition, the EnviSense displays the current CO2 content and temperature. Besides humidity, CO2 content is an important indicator of a healthy indoor climate. Research has shown that the CO2 level in a room indicates the risk of corona contamination, so keep an eye on both CO2 and humidity.

You can also use a humidity sensor to measure humidity, these are available for a few pounds.

How can I increase the humidity in my house?

It is easy to increase the humidity. Here are some tips:

  1. Put a humidifier in the house
  2. Put a bowl of water on the heating
  3. Shower with the door open
  4. Hang your wet laundry on a rack in the living room
  5. Hang a wet cloth over the radiator
  6. Put a bucket of water in the house
  7. Place plants that can increase humidity

Aim for a relative humidity of between 40% and 60%.

The HomEvap humidifier

The HomEvap humidifier is a humidifier that can be applied to any MVHR system. This ensures that the ideal relative humidity is realised in a demand-driven way, adjustable up to 78%, so you don't have to worry about it yourself anymore. Completely legionella-safe.

No heat recovery ventilation system? No problem at all!

In existing houses there is often a mechanical way of ventilation, through grids and extractors. For those houses the stand-alone humidifier can be the solution, it does not need to be connected to a HRV system. See the products below.

EnviSense CO2 monitor with data logger - CO2 smart
HomEvap MVHR humidifier
HomEvap MVHR Combi Comfort humidifier and cooler
HomEvap Direct humidifier
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