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Fresh air for a sharp mind at Bridgeclub Alphen in the Netherlands

Fresh air for a sharp mind at Bridgeclub Alphen in the Netherlands
Posted on 4-11-2021 by Anouk Wigchert

Bridgeclub Alphen was forced to stop its game nights during the coronapandemic. It was no longer safe to play bridge inside the room of the restaurant where hours were spent every tuesday evening with the group (all 60+). Even when the guidelines were loosened, the members were still hesitant to sit with so many others in a closed room.

Chairman Martin Wigchert says: "Our members missed playing bridge enormously, but at the same time they were afraid of infection. I read more and more in the news about the use of a CO2 meter to measure air quality. Air quality is an important factor in limiting the risk of infection. We live just across the border from Belgium and we heard that Bridge clubs across the border already actively monitor air quality. I started googling and found the EnviSense CO2 meter. A simple but very effective solution.

The bridge club is now fully active again. "We have already spent four bridge evenings with the EnviSense in the middle of the room. It works perfectly. The first evening, after an hour, I noticed that the PPM was over 1400. The manager of the café was shocked at how quickly it rose and opened a window, as the ventilation system needed maintenance and could not cope. When the window was open, the PPM quickly dropped to the acceptable value of around 800. When the PPM value began to rise again quickly, the manager set the mechanical ventilation to a higher setting and the value remained well within the limit for the rest of the evening. That gives you peace of mind.

Martin emphasises that it is not just about preventing infection: "Bridging is a mind game and requires utmost concentration. I never thought about it before, but a stuffy room with little ventilation is not conducive to concentration, which is why it is smart to install a CO2 meter."

Not only Martin is convinced by the EnviSense: "At the end of the evening the manager of the restaurant came up to me to ask where I had bought the EnviSense, he also bought one that same evening."

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