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Why measure CO2 levels against COVID?

Why measure CO2 levels against COVID?
Posted on 5-10-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

Recently, the relationship between CO2 and the spreading of COIVD in classrooms and offices has been investigated. Scientists have developed a new model to predict the risk of infection with COVID. They have done this on the basis of the amount of CO2 levels present. This model highlights the importance of good ventilation in workplaces and schools. The model was developed by researchers at Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge and the University of Leeds.

Greater chance of COVID contamination through high CO2 levels

The model uses the measured CO2 level and the occupancy rate of a room to predict how many people are likely to be infected by an asymptomatic but infectious colleague or fellow student. Everyone breathes out CO2. Everyone breathes out CO2. A high CO2 level means a higher occupancy rate and (too) poor ventilation. The risk of corona contamination will then increase. The model shows that by managing ventilation and occupancy in a room, we can control the risk of airborne contamination by a virus such as COVID.

Good ventilation and CO2 meter are of great importance

The model shows that reducing the occupancy of an office or classroom by half could reduce the risk of transmission of COVID through the air by a factor of 4. It has also been shown that most workers in well-ventilated offices are unlikely to infect each other. When a room is poorly ventilated, this risk increases.

Good ventilation is crucial, but so is the use of a CO2 meter. When you use a CO2 meter, it can provide a good insight and understanding of the use of ventilation in different activities. For example, you can expect a higher CO2 level when many people are present in a small space.

A solution to this problem is CO2-controlled ventilation. When the CO2 level is too high, more fresh air will be supplied to the room, and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Which CO2 meter against the coronavirus?

In order to gain good insight into the CO2 level in a room, we recommend installing a CO2 meter with a traffic light. This will simply indicate with green, orange or red how healthy the air is, allowing you to take immediate action. The CO2 meters and CO2-controlled ventilators that our experts recommend:

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