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Why do I need to have ventilation in the bathroom?

Why do I need to have ventilation in the bathroom?
Posted on 3-11-2021 by Felix Dijkmeijer

In general, ventilation is necessary to create a healthy living environment. In humid areas like the bathroom, good ventilation is extra important. First of all it prevents health problems, but also problems like strange smells, slipperiness, condensation and moisture problems like mould. Mould grows mainly in damp places and is not always visible. You can get rid of mould with soda, bleach or more stubborn anti-fungal sprays, but this is only a short-term solution. To prevent mould and tackle it at its very source, it is necessary to ventilate the bathroom all year round. In the winter there are no windows open and in the summer the temperature is high, which increases the risk of mould. Therefore, it is important that the damp air does not linger for too long. Especially when you like to take long showers.

How can you recognise a humid bathroom?

  • Condensation on the windows, mirrors and/or walls
  • Moisture spots on the walls and/or ceiling
  • Mould on the walls and/or ceiling
  • Paint or plaster that cracks or comes loose
  • A musty smell
  • A rusting radiator

How should I ventilate my bathroom?

To realise ventilation in the bathroom, you will have to ensure that air can be extracted. You can do this by means of a bathroom ventilator, a tube ventilator or a complete ventilation system like mechanical ventilation or an MVHR system. Which type of ventilation is required for your bathroom you can read in this blog.

Where do I place a ventilator in the bathroom?

You can't just install the ventilator anywhere in the bathroom. To prevent short-circuiting, it is good to know where you can mount the ventilator and which places you should avoid. On this page you will also find the electrical connections and associated wires of bathroom fans.
You can easily install a bathroom ventilator yourself. Watch the installation videos here.

What is the quietest bathroom fan?

Many people find it very annoying when their bathroom fan makes a lot of noise. Especially when the bathroom is next to a bedroom, or when you want to relax with a nice long bath.

A bathroom fan is "quiet" when it produces no more than 26 dB of noise. However, many brands claim that their bathroom fan is the absolute quietest. We have done some research for you and have selected several options for every budget!

At 19 dB, the Svensa PureAir is number 1, a truly silent bathroom fan.
  • Whisper quiet
  • Can be controlled with an app
  • Timer
  • Humidity sensor
  • Odour sensor
  • Light sensor
Vent-Axia Svensa PureAir bathroom extractor fan with odour sensor (app-controlled)
The second quietest bathroom fan is the Svara with 20 dB.
  • Can be controlled with an app
  • Timer
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Available in black and white
Vent Axia bathroom extractor fan Svara with humidity and light sensor Ø100 - 125mm (app-controlled)
At number 3 is the Lo Carbon iQ with 21 dB.
  • Timer
  • Humidity sensor
  • Available in black and white
Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon iQ bathroom extractor fan Fresh Intellivent BLACK Ø100 - 125 mm
Lastly, we have selected the Planet Energy fan with 26 dB for you.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • also available with timer and humidity sensor
Bathroom extractor fan Ø 100 mm white - energy planet 100 S

How much does a bathroom fan cost?

Bathroom fans are available from £17 to £181. This is completely dependent on your wishes in terms of design and features. A simple basic fan for bathroom or toilet will turn on when you turn on the light, and off when you turn off the light. But do you want a bathroom fan with extensive functions such as odour detection, a humidity sensor, a light sensor, a timer and an app? Then you can choose our popular Svensa PureAir, both fans are among our best-selling extractors for bathroom or toilet.

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