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Are CO2 meters mandatory?

Are CO2 meters mandatory?
Posted on 13-10-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

In some countries around us, such as Belgium for example, CO2 meters are mandatory in various public areas. The underlying reason is that there is less contamination from corona when there is proper ventilation. This can be measured with a CO2 meter. We strongly recommend using this tool for a healthy indoor climate, even though it is not mandatory in our country. There are many advantages to using a ventilation meter. Do you want to know how a CO2 meter works? Read it in this blog.

Where are CO2 meters required in Belgium?

CO2 meters are not obligatory everywhere in Belgium, although this is strongly recommended by the Belgian government. There are however a number of places where CO2 meters have been made mandatory for some time. For example, CO2 meters have been mandatory in hairdressing salons since 13 February 2021. The CO2 meters are only required there if the windows and doors cannot be left open permanently. In addition, air quality meters have also been made mandatory in cafés, restaurants, party venues, discotheques, nightclubs, sports canteens and fitness centres since 9 June 2021. Since 1 September 2021, CO2 meters are also mandatory in sports locker rooms. The CO2 meters should be placed in a place visible to everyone.

CO2 causes health problems

A high CO2 level causes various health problems. Do you ever notice that it's muggy in a room, your concentration is not optimal and you get drowsy? This is most likely due to an excessively high CO2 level in a room. In this blog you can read more about the health problems and guidelines for the CO2 level in indoor spaces. In order to prevent these complaints, it is important to measure the air quality in the house. You can do this, for example, with the EnviSense CO2 monitor. In addition to CO2, this monitor also measures the air humidity in a room. Too high a humidity level contributes to moulds in a room. Are you curious about the 3 indispensable tips for a healthy indoor climate? Read it in our blog!

CO2 monitor in fight against the corona virus

Any high CO2 level gives COVID-19 the chance to spread. With a poor air quality, there is a high risk that aerosols (small saliva droplets) can be transferred to others. A healthy indoor climate prevents this from happening. If you use an air quality meter, you will be informed when you need to ventilate. When you ventilate with CO2 control, a ventilation system ensures that more contaminated air is automatically extracted as soon as the CO2 level rises. Fresh air enters via natural ventilation. For a healthy indoor climate, an air purifier is an excellent addition to ventilation. Where ventilation ensures fresh air, air purifiers ensure that pollen, hairs, house dust mite and viruses including COVID-19 are removed from the air. Air purifiers offer great comfort to people suffering from complaints such as hayfever and asthma.

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