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Buying an air purifier? 5 reasons why!

Buying an air purifier? 5 reasons why!
Posted on 23-9-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

We are increasingly aware of the air we are in, partly due to the advent of corona. Fresh air is extremely important, also for your health. The air quality in our homes is many times worse than outside. That is why it is important to know what you can do about it. Air purifiers are very effective in improving our living environment.

How does an air cleaner work?

Air purifiers are devices that suck in air, filter contaminated air and blow out clean air. The dirty substances such as (ultra)fine dust, pollen, germs and even odours are filtered out of the air. So the filtration in the air cleaner does all the 'dirty' work. Besides certain types of filters, an air cleaner can also use ionisation or bipolar ionisation to purify the air. In this blog you can read all about ionisation and the frequently asked questions about air purifiers.

What is an air purifier good for?

An air purifier improves the air quality in your home and purifies the indoor air, allowing you to breathe fresh air. It is not a replacement for good ventilation, but an addition. An air cleaner eliminates 99% of 'dirty' substances from the air, such as bacteria and pollen. An air purifier also relieves allergies such as hay fever and asthma.
You can use an air purifier in various locations. You can place it at home, but also in the office or at school. The AIR8 air purifiers are available in various sizes. The AIR8 260i NANO and 280 NANO are perfect for spaces up to 30m2 such as a bedroom or living room, but also for a meeting room or waiting room. The 720i EDGE has a range of up to 80m2. These are ideal for an auditorium or small office. The 1200i PRO is suitable for larger spaces and filters the air in areas up to 100m2.

What do you need to consider when buying an air purifier?

There are various aspects to consider when buying an air purifier. The big difference between air purifiers is mainly in the surface area an air purifier can cover and the types of filtration it contains. For example, you often hear that an air cleaner for an area that is too small only filters the air around it, while the rest of the room then does not get clean air. It is also important to pay attention to the amount of ozone that an air cleaner emits. Some air cleaners contain an ozone generator. When this is used, it is important that nobody is in the room and that the room is cleaned properly afterwards. You can read more about air cleaners and ozone in this blog. Not one air cleaner that we sell contains a harmful amount of ozone or has an ozone generator. So breathe safely with Ventilationland!
Many air purifiers have various functionalities such as a child lock, an app to control the air purifier, a sleep mode and various speeds. All things that are very nice to use! Are you curious about which air purifier is the perfect fit for you? Check it out in our air purifier selection guide!

Which filter eliminates which substances?

The air cleaners we sell contain one or more types of filters as listed below:

  • For filtration: This is a protective layer for a long-lasting working HEPA filter. Pre-filtration removes larger particles such as hair, dust and pollen from the air.
  • Carbon filtration: Harmful and polluting gases such as chemicals, unpleasant odours, suspended organic matter and smog are absorbed by this filter.
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration: This is a TÜV certified medical grade filter. These filters ensure 99.97% purification of fine air particles such as dust, fine dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mould spores, viruses and pollen. The coronavirus is 0.125 microns in size and it has been proven that the HEPA filter can capture even these smallest particles.

In addition, there are other techniques of filtration that our air purifiers contain:

  • Cold catalysis - This filtration removes invisible gases such as formaldehyde, which is released in newly produced textiles (furniture, clothing etc.).
  • Photo catalysis - A filtration process that chemically absorbs residual pollutants, exhaust gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particularly formaldehyde. This is a colourless and irritating gas used in chemical compounds, inks, textiles, plastics and building materials. The filter speeds up the chemical breakdown by producing built-in UV-GI light without ozone.
  • UV-GI filtration - Unrivalled technology that removes 99.99% of particles. The ultraviolet light (UV-GI light) eliminates unhealthy micro-organisms, viruses and bacteria. Once destroyed, these accumulated micro-organisms can no longer multiply and spread through the room with the air flow. The UV-GI lamps are securely built in and are only exposed to the internal airflow, making them 100% safe and compliant with EU directives.

AIR8 260i NANO air cleaner 260 m3/h
AIR8 280 NANO air cleaner 280 m3/h
AIR8 720i EDGE air cleaner 720 m3/h
AIR8 1200i PRO air cleaner 1200 m3/h

5 reasons why an air cleaner is desirable:

Reason 1: Indoor air quality is much worse than outdoors
The air quality inside is often worse than outside. An air cleaner purifies the indoor air, creating a healthier living environment with cleaner air. Odours and fine dust, among other things, are removed from the air. Please note: an air cleaner is not a replacement for ventilation, but it is a desirable addition.

Reason 2: You suffer from allergies and/or respiratory problems
For many people, healthy indoor air is of vital importance. If you suffer from a house dust mite allergy or you have asthma or another respiratory disease, it is important that the air you breathe is clean. A good air purifier with good filtration relieves symptoms of allergies, hay fever, asthma and other respiratory complaints.

Reason 3: You have pets
As nice as pets are, they do create pollution in the home. Hair and dander are disastrous for allergy sufferers. Young children are especially sensitive to this. If a family member is allergic and you have pets, an air cleaner with good filtration is part of the solution. It removes the harmful particles from the air.

Reason 4: The house doesn't always smell fresh
A house does not always smell fresh. Some factors can intensify this; someone is smoking in the house, there are pets, the kitchen exhaust system is not working properly. Unpleasant odours can also be harmful to your health, such as someone else's smoke. An air cleaner purifies and filters the indoor air. If you have visitors, the house will smell fresh again!

Reason 5: Unhealthy indoor air can literally make you ill
There are many factors in a home that affect the indoor air. Some of these can make someone ill. For example, if you have a newly built home or have just finished renovating it, there can still be a number of gaseous substances in the air that originate from building products.
One example is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde (HCHO) is a colourless gas that is released into the air by all kinds of products in the home such as furniture, kitchens and carpets, clothing and other textiles. It can even take years for the formaldehyde to be fully released by new products in the home. An air cleaner can eliminate these and other toxic substances from the air.

In short, there are plenty of reasons why an air cleaner is desirable in the home. Especially if you have small children or a baby, it is wise to install an air cleaner.

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