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Why is fresh air important?

Why is fresh air important?
Posted on 3-9-2021 by Anouk Wigchert

Fresh air is important for our health. Did you know that indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air? We don't talk about 'getting some fresh air' for nothing, we need enough fresh air. We help you to ensure sufficient fresh air, in the home, at the office, at school, in the cafe or at the gym. With our advice and tips, you can get some fresh air inside as well!

Why do you need fresh air?

At home, at school, at work. We spend 90% of our time within four walls. Yet the air quality inside is often unhealthy. Healthy air is the basis for functioning well. When the CO2 content, humidity and temperature inside do not meet the set standards, the indoor climate becomes unhealthy. If there is too little ventilation, you can suffer from the following, among other things:

  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Dry throat, nose and eyes

Therefore, always make sure there is enough fresh air inside. At the bottom of this blog, we give you 3 tips for a healthy indoor climate.

How do you get fresh air in the house?

Regular and good ventilation ensures fresh air. It is important that a little outside air constantly enters every room. Fresh outside air replaces polluted inside air; this is called ventilation. It is best to ventilate 24 hours a day. To air, you can open the windows or doors to let in a little extra fresh air. It is a misconception that this works just as well as ventilating. Airing is for a short while, ventilating always has to be done. In some situations extra ventilation is needed, for instance when cooking, showering, sleeping and when there are many people in one room. You can ventilate through windows, doors, cracks, ventilation grids and through a mechanical ventilation system. Want to know more about ventilation? Read more here.

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3 Indispensable tips for a healthy indoor climate

To be sure of a healthy indoor climate, we have listed a number of indispensable tips for you.

Open as many windows and doors as possible (facing each other). This ensures an airflow of fresh air and therefore a low CO2 level. The higher the CO2 level, the worse the air exchange is. The CO2 level indicates the degree to which the space is saturated with air breathed out by humans and possibly with virus particles.

Windows and doors cannot always be opened, for example when the weather is bad, there is a lot of noise outside or in museums. It is important to have a ventilation system that can be switched on 24/7, so that there is always good ventilation. Preferably a ventilation system that works on CO2 and therefore automatically ventilates more when necessary. With a good ventilation system, windows and doors no longer need to be opened, although this is advisable for extra air exchange. If there is no ventilation system, there is a greater chance that the CO2 values are regularly too high.

For a safe indoor climate in a home, restaurant, gym etc., we strongly recommend installing a CO2 meter to monitor whether there is enough fresh air present.

Place the CO2 monitor in a visible location, preferably with a traffic light function. This will light up a green, orange or red light to indicate the air quality. So you can immediately see whether the air inside is healthy enough to be in. If the orange light shows that the CO2 value is above 800 ppm, keep this as a sign to ventilate more, and the light will turn green again. From 1200 ppm onwards, the red light will illuminate, which you should avoid because the indoor air is too poor from this value. The EnviSense CO2 meter also has an audible alarm that you can set yourself.

Do you have any questions or do you need any advice? Contact us!

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