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Ozone emission through ionisation

Ozone emission through ionisation
Posted on 2-9-2021 by Felix Dijkmeijer

Air cleaners are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the appearance of corona. However, what you should pay attention to when you buy an air cleaner is the extent to which the ioniser emits ozone. This blog will inform you about what an ioniser does. Ozone can be harmful to humans under certain circumstances. What these conditions are, we will explain later in this blog.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a cleaning agent that is many times stronger than chlorine. It is used as a disinfectant in the food industry, textile industry and as a water treatment in swimming pools for example. Ozone can also be used to clean the air. When the air is purified with ozone, all odours, viruses, mould, micro-organisms and bacteria disappear from the air.

Is ozone always harmful?

Ozone is a toxic gas that is very harmful for humans, plants and animals. Inhaling ozone can lead to serious health problems, such as lung complaints. When one suffers from asthma, it is advisable to purchase an air cleaner that does not emit ozone. This worsens the symptoms of asthma.

When using an air cleaner with an ioniser, a maximum value of 0.05 ppm ozone may be released. For comparison: If one is exposed to a value of 0.3 ppm ozone, it may be present for a maximum of 15 minutes, otherwise health problems will follow. There are air cleaners with an ozone generator, which emits so much ozone that no one may be present in the room. However, we do not sell air cleaners with an ozone generator. The air cleaners we offer are therefore free of (harmful) ozone emissions.

Do all air cleaners emit ozone?

It is a myth that all air cleaners with an ioniser emit ozone. There are air cleaners with bipolar ionisation that work in a different way than an ordinary ioniser. They do not emit ozone. You can read how this works in our blog. In addition, the technical world is developing rapidly, as a result of which our AIR8 air purifiers use an ioniser that does not emit ozone.

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Ventilation is also important when using an air cleaner

Air cleaners remove all toxic substances from the air for our benefit, but they do not supply any oxygen. Therefore, it is extremely important to let fresh air in, even when you have an air cleaner. Take a look at the heat recovery system (system D) with which the room is ventilated and the heat is not being lost or mechanical ventilation (system C). You can also choose natural ventilation. In that case you can place ventilation grilles in walls and/or doors.

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