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How does the Orcon humidity sensor work?

How does the Orcon humidity sensor work?
Posted on 16-10-2015 by Rik Somers
A humidity sensor is built into the MVS-15 and Compact-10. It continuously measures the humidity in the extract air and compares this with the measurements stored for the last 3 minutes. If a significant increase in humidity is detected, the fan will automatically increase its speed at speed 2. If the unit detects a decrease in humidity, the post-run time is activated for 15 min or 30 min (adjustable), after which the MVS-15RH returns to automatic mode. It is not possible to set the humidity sensor to be more sensitive. It switches by default when an increase of 2% is measured over the entire system (including air from the valves in e.g. toilet, living room, kitchen, storage room etc.).

The operation of the humidity sensor also depends on a properly adjusted system. Please observe the following recommendation when installing/adjusting the system:

1. The humidity sensor only works when the system is set to automatic. If there is no (longer any) control unit to select the "auto" mode, you can unplug the MVS-15, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. The unit starts up in automatic mode. - Set the system to mode 2, with doors and windows closed (supply and overflow grilles
open). The humidity sensor will go to position 2 when humidity is detected. See manual for flow rate table.
2. In Automatic mode, there should always be a noticeable suction (approx. 10 - 15 m3h) from the valve in the bathroom. If this is not the case, see point 2 to increase the total air volume
of the unit.
3. Presence of supply device (grille or large gap under the door) in the bathroom. If there is no air supply, there is no air outlet and the bathroom will not be ventilated. Because of this, the moisture sensor will not be able to detect moisture either;
4. A channel length from the wet room (bathroom) of vertically more than 4 meters and/or horizontally more than 2 meters can both influence the functioning of the moisture sensor;
5. Connect the bathroom (if possible) directly to the MVS-15 via a separate duct. This limits the mixing of dry air from other rooms;
6. Heavily soiled ducts have more resistance so that less moist air is transported from the bathroom to the MVS-15. Clean the ducts when they are very dirty;

Functional testing of the humidity sensor in the appliance

a. Check whether the LED on the MVS-15 (visible through the white cover) is flashing green. (if this is the case, go to step i);
b. Remove the white front cover;
c. Remove the plug from the wall socket;
d. Remove the motor plate from the housing;
e. Next to the impeller you will see the humidity sensor protruding through the motor plate (see fig.);
f. Check whether it has been mounted correctly by ensuring that it is perpendicular to the motor plate and the black head is pointing towards the thickening. (see illustration)
g. Press it down firmly, while holding the main board at the back with your hand. Also make sure that it protrudes through the motor plate at an angle of 90 degrees. If it is very dirty, first clean it with a dry brush;
h. Replace the motor plate and put the plug back in the socket.
i. Wait 5 minutes;
j. Remove the motor plate (with the motor running) from the housing;
k. Fold your hand around the humidity sensor and breathe (just breathe out, do not blow) over the sensor. After 15 - 30 sec of breathing you will see and hear the motor of the MVS-15 turning faster. If this is the case, the humidity sensor is working correctly;
l. Remove the plug from the wall socket and place the motor plate back in the housing and put the plug back in the wall socket; Nb. If the fan does not increase in speed when carrying out this test, the moisture sensor may be defective and must be replaced.
and it can be replaced. Please contact your point of purchase.

Reducing admixture

If the function test shows that the humidity sensor is working, the system has been installed correctly and the above recommendations have been followed, the complaint is caused by air being mixed in from other dry rooms (kitchen, toilet etc.). The system measures the humidity of the entire system. If the majority of the air is extracted from rooms other than the bathroom, the increase in humidity from a bathroom after mixing is small. Carry out the following steps:

- Remove the white cover from the unit.
- Press the button in the middle of the circuit board 7 times.
- The LED will blink red 2 times 3 times, after which it will remain green or red. (Green is absence mode, red is low mode (1))
- Press the push button again to change the setting.
- The LED will change colour
- Now the setting has been changed and the flow rate will be higher in auto mode, which means that more air is extracted by default.

Settings to change position low:

Dipswitch 1 off; 70m³/h
Dipswitch 1 on; 85m³/h
Dipswitch 1 off + 7 on; 83m³/h
Dipswitch 1 + 7 on; 138m³/h
To change the low flow rate, please refer to the instructions on page 8.

- If necessary, change the valve setting (bathroom further open, dry rooms (incl. toilet) further closed) to ensure that more air is extracted from the bathroom in order to reduce the mixing;
- A valve placed close to the ventilation box may cause a large part of the ventilation flow to be extracted by this valve in automatic mode. If a valve is required at such a location, it must be ensured that sufficient air is still extracted from the bathroom in automatic mode. When testing the system by opening the shower valve, in the case of multiple tests, let the system run for 15 minutes at setting 3 between tests by pressing the bell once to allow the system to settle down and do the next test properly.
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