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Ventilating against hay fever?

Posted on 12-5-2017 by Rik Somers

Hay fever and an allergy to house dust mites are very common allergies. Maintaining good health requires good air quality indoors, to reduce the symptoms associated with hypersensitivity to certain substances.

Preventing allergy through ventilation

Whereas hypersensitivity can cause symptoms all year round, hay fever is linked to certain months of the year. In particular, the flowering period of trees, flowers and grasses, combined with heat and wind, cause many people to have complaints. The pollen that moves through the air can of course be restricted indoors, but certainly cannot be prevented without help. A useful solution for limiting allergens in the home is to monitor the air quality. Ventilating the home is of great importance here, as the air is full of pathogens, including allergens. Regular removal of air and supplying clean air promotes health.

Mechanical or natural ventilation in case of allergy

There are three options for ventilating a living space: mechanical ventilation, balance ventilation or natural ventilation. If MEV or MVHR systems are chosen, it will offer many advantages. For example, the complete quality of the air in the entire house can be controlled from a single room. In addition, various systems are equipped with smart functions that regulate the optimal supply and extraction fully automatically, so that the whole family benefits from healthy air.

Natural ventilation by installing air vents to allow air from outside the house to enter, or refreshing the air by opening windows, may actually cause health problems for an allergic person. After all, both the window and the ventilation grids allow the pollen that causes hay fever to enter the room undisturbed. A ventilation grilles is therefore especially useful in combination with mechanical ventilation.

Ventilation prevents house dust mite

Inadequate ventilation or no ventilation at all gives the small spider mites, which are not visible to the naked eye but can provoke an allergic reaction through their droppings, the opportunity to multiply very quickly. In order to break the life cycle of these pests in the home and reduce the nuisance, the house should be regularly ventilated. By optimising air extraction, the dried droppings of the mite are removed and the air in your home is replaced with clean air.

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