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Which bathroom fan is suitable for my bathroom?

Which bathroom fan is suitable for my bathroom?
Posted on 1-9-2021 by Felix Dijkmeijer

It is very important to ventilate the bathroom well. If this space is not ventilated properly, mould can develop in the house. However, not every ventilator is suitable for ventilating a bathroom, shower or lavatory.

Which ventilator do I need for my bathroom?

Ventilation in the bathroom is not complete without the extraction of air. There are several options for an extraction system in the bathroom. Do you have the possibility to place the ventilation in the bathroom with a direct connection to the exterior? If so, we recommend a regular bathroom fan. This fan can be mounted in the wall and/or ceiling of the bathroom. The bathroom fan is available in various colours such as black and white. Would you like to buy a silent bathroom fan? You can do that at Ventilationland too!

If this is not possible, we recommend using a tube fan (also called duct fan / built-in fan) or mechanical ventilation for air extraction in the bathroom. If the exhaust air has to travel a longer distance through the ventilation ducts, a bathroom fan is often not strong enough. This type of ventilation ensures a powerful removal of air and moisture from the bathroom. Are you looking for bathroom ventilation systems with heat recovery? Take a look at our MVHR systems. Would you like to complete the mechanical extraction in your bathroom? Check out the ventilation grilles here! Install these in your bathroom to supply air. Without an air supply, the air cannot be properly extracted.

Bathroom ventilator with timer, moisture sensor or odour sensor

We understand that the many options available for bathroom fans make it hard for you to choose. We are here to help. You have a number of choices to make.

First of all, you will have to decide how you want to operate the air extraction in your bathroom or toilet. If you would like to operate the ventilator manually, you can choose to control it with a switch or pull cord. An automatic control of the extraction can be done by switching it on by using a humidity sensor, light sensor, odour sensor, temperature sensor or motion sensor. The benefit of this is that you will never forget to switch on the extractor fan when using the shower or toilet in a humid room. When the ventilator in the bathroom detects moisture or odour, it can automatically start extracting the air. When you are looking for ventilation in your toilet, you do not need a moisture sensor. This room does not release as much moisture as a bathroom. A bathroom ventilator with a delayed start contains a timer so that there will not be an immediate increase in extraction in the bathroom. This is because when, for example, the light in the room is switched on, there will not be an immediate increase in moisture. Extraction with an automatic closing valvee ensures that when the ventilation of the bathroom stops, no cold air can enter from outside.

Vent Axia bathroom extractor fan Svara BLACK with timer, humidity-, temperature- and light sensor Ø100 - 125 mm (app controlled)
Vent-Axia Svensa PureAir bathroom extractor fan with odour sensor (app-controlled)
Bathroom extractor fan Ø 100 mm white with timer and humidity sensor - EE100HT
Bathroom extractor fan Ø 100 mm with timer - design T100Ti

Installing a bathroom fan

It is possible to install a bathroom ventilator yourself. Watch the videos to install a tube fan or bathroom fan yourself. On this page, we give some more tips on installation! Here you will find, among other things, the perfect position for the extractor in the bathroom.

When installing a bathroom fan, you should consider the length of the exhaust pipe. The longer the distance, the more pressure there will be on the exhaust pipe.

Even if you have the best ventilation in your bathroom, you will still need to maintain it to ensure that the air can continue to be properly extracted. In this blog you can read how to clean your bathroom ventilation!

Need help?

Not sure which bathroom fan to choose? We've developed a bathroom fan selection guide to help you. You can also contact us, of course without obligation, and we'll be happy to help.

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