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What is ventilation?

What is ventilation?
Posted on 1-9-2021 by Felix Dijkmeijer

When the houses were still old and poorly insulated, fresh air could find its way in through ventilation grilles, chinks and seams. Nowadays, due to the good insulation of our homes, it is not enough to let fresh air in through these methods. This is positive news for the climate problem and your energy bill, unfortunately not for your health. So it is important to know how you can properly ventilate your home.

The best way to keep the air in your home healthy is through constant air exchange by means of ventilation. This way, fresh air enters the house and moisture and pollutants vanish into thin air. This sounds simple, but in many houses the air is unhealthy because the air is not sufficiently ventilated. If you don't ventilate properly, you can suffer from various health complaints. In this blog you will read more reasons why ventilation is important.

What is the difference between ventilating and airing?

When you ventilate a room, you change a lot of air in a short period of time. For example, you open the windows and doors against each other for 10 minutes. When you close the windows and doors, the dirt in the house starts to accumulate again. With ventilation, however, the dirty air does not accumulate because the air is continuously renewed. The best way to ventilate is therefore by means of Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) or through an MVHR system , which prevents the heat in the house from being lost. This way you are always assured of a good flow of air inside. You can not only install ventilation in a new building, but also in an existing house. Consider, for example, a decentralised MVHR , or inquire about the possibilities.

Why is airing the house not enough?

When a house is only aired, there is no proper air circulation. Once you close the windows, the fresh air is gone after half an hour. This way you can still suffer from various health complaints. So make sure there is good ventilation in the house!

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