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Why is ventilation so important?

Why is ventilation so important?
Posted on 12-8-2021 by Felix Dijkmeijer

Do you feel like you're getting tired, have trouble concentrating, get headaches or that it's getting stuffy inside? Time to let some fresh air in. You don't have to go outside to get that, you can simply ventilate your home, school or office. Besides these symptoms, in this blog we will inform you about the importance of ventilation.

Why is the purchase of ventilation important?

Ventilation becomes more and more important, as houses and other buildings are better insulated. In old houses ventilation is built in almost automatically. Through cracks and draughts fresh air enters the house naturally. The disadvantage of these cracks is that they create draughts and increase energy costs, i.e. they waste energy. The energy crisis in 1973 led, among other things, to higher environmental requirements, which triggered a wave of insulation, as it were. Since then, modern homes have been insulated so well that air can no longer enter through cracks and holes. Without using extra ventilation, fresh air will not be able to enter the house.

Why is ventilation important for your health?

Through daily activities we produce moisture and polluted air. For example cooking and showering, but also simply breathing. Our plants and pets also contribute to this polluted air.

Fresh air not only sounds and feels nicer, it is also much better for your health. People and animals need this fresh air to live. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2 and water vapour. Ventilation is necessary to stay healthy. The lack of ventilation results in high humidity and CO2 levels, which in turn lead to health complaints such as coughing, tightness of the chest, headaches, fatigue, chronic colds or dehydration. It can also lead to asthma and allergies. There is also a greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in a poorly ventilated room or space. Not ventilating can therefore be very unhealthy.

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When you don't ventilate, a damp and stuffy indoor climate can arise, giving mould and dust mites free rein. Besides the fact that mould can affect your walls, ceilings, textiles, wooden furniture and window frames, and that it gives you a lot of cleaning work, it is also bad for your health.

Why is ventilation important, even with polluted outside air?

Factories and car exhausts not only produce high levels of CO2 but also other harmful substances in the air. Yet this air is cleaner than polluted indoor air. Did you know that there are also many harmful substances in the air indoors? This can be caused by cleaning agents, paint, fragrances, furniture and textiles. In addition to good ventilation, buy an air purifier to ensure that the unhealthy substances - such as fine dust, pollen and mould - are removed from the air.

After reading this blog, do you feel the need for fresh air? Take a look at our ventilation systems or ventilation grilles and get that fresh air in your home yourself!
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