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Ventilating in summer

Ventilating in summer
Posted on 20-7-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

The temperature outside is rising, it's summer! Warm weather is usually nice, so we spend a lot of time outside in the summer. What is less pleasant is the heat that sneaks into the house. The result is an uncomfortable and perhaps unhealthy indoor climate. During the day, we often keep the windows and doors closed or even turn off the mechanical ventilation in the house. This is not the way to fight heat. If you ventilate in the right way and are conscious of the indoor climate, you can use ventilation to keep the air in the house cooler and healthier. In this blog we will tell you more about this.

Why is it important to ventilate well, even with summer temperatures?

When a room is not ventilated, the air quality in this room will drop and the humidity will rise. This can be caused by everyday activities such as cooking and showering, but also simply by breathing and perspiring. If the air quality inside is poor, you may experience various complaints. Headaches, (chronic) coughs or chronic colds and lung diseases can be caused by an unhealthy indoor climate. In addition, high humidity can cause mould to form on the walls and ceiling. This puts your health at even greater risk.

When you want to keep the heat out of the house by keeping the windows and doors closed as much as possible, make sure that you let enough fresh and clean air into the house. You can do this by means of a well-functioning MVHR unit or mechanical ventilation system and clean ventilation ducts.

How can you use ventilation to lower the temperature in the house?

A mechanical ventilation system (system C or MEV) usually only provides cooling when the outside air is cooler than the inside air. A MVHR system (system D) is somewhat more complex. This system recovers the heat from the air in the house. This means that in winter the incoming cold air is warmed up by the outgoing warm air. When the outside air is warmer than the inside air, the incoming air is cooled by the outgoing air. The bypass in the MVHR unit opens automatically when the outside air becomes cooler in the evening. The incoming air is then diverted and is not heated by the outgoing air. So this system does not cool the air, but recycles the temperatures of your indoor air. If you want to get the temperature a few degrees colder in the summer, it is advisable to purchase a HomeEvap cooler. You can place the HomeEvap between the extract valve and the MVHR unit. Note that this is not an active cooling system like an airco.

ventileren in de zomer

5 tips for ventilating in summer temperatures

  • Place a CO2 monitor to monitor the air quality. If the windows and doors are closed, you will immediately know when it is time for extra ventilation inside. The air humidity and temperature inside are also measured and you can take action if necessary.
  • Close windows and doors during the hottest hours of the day, but leave the air vents open, and make sure they are clean.
  • Put a fan in front of an open window when it cools down, to bring the fresh and cool air inside more quickly. Do this at least in the morning and evening, these are the coolest times of day.
  • Use adiabatic cooling. This is an effective way of cooling. The air inside is cooled by the evaporation of water. The HomEvap can be placed on the WTW unit or mechanical ventilation. If both are not possible, a stand-alone system is also possible, the HomEvap Direct Cooler. Read our blog for more information on adiabatic cooling.
  • Make sure the ventilation ducts and grilles are clean, to let healthy fresh air into the house. If these are heavily polluted, polluted air will enter the house. This can lead to health problems. In our blog, you can read more about the maintenance of the ventilation system and what you can do yourself.
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