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Why do you need ventilation?

Why do you need ventilation?
Posted on 11-5-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

Why do you need ventilation?

Many people underestimate the power of good ventilation in a home, while continuous ventilation of your home, office and business benefits your health. To improve the air quality, you can opt for natural ventilation via ventilation grilles and windows or mechanical ventilation via extractor fans.

In order to prevent health consequences due to poor ventilation, such as (chronic) coughing, lung diseases, chronic colds and headaches, it is very important that the air in the house is clean and free of harmful substances. In addition, the humidity must also remain within certain limits. Perspiration, breathing, cooking and showering not only cause increased humidity, but also cause bacteria to enter the air. Furthermore, the use of certain building materials in industries can release harmful substances, as particular matter. Humid air in the house can lead to mold on the walls and ceiling, endangering the health of the residents. The contamination and moist air can only be removed by good ventilation.

Save energy

Besides the fact that good ventilation of your home ensures an optimal air condition, ventilation means saving on energy costs. Most new houses are well insulated, which therefore means that humidity and harmful substances remain in the house for longer. Humid and polluted air is difficult to heat, which increases energy costs, while clean, dry air is easier to heat. This means that ventilated dry air ensures cost and energy savings.

Ventilation is required 24 hours a day

Ventilation through an open window is only a temporary solution. Within half an hour, the clean air is again polluted with (fine) dust and bacteria. To improve air quality, the removal of polluted air and the supply of clean, dry air must be guaranteed 24 hours a day. Polluted air contains many small particles that are harmful to the body. The particles are very annoying if you suffer from respiratory problems or allergies, or can actually cause you to suffer. The smaller the particles, the further they will get into the body. This image shows how far these particles will travel in your body:

why ventilate?

Natural ventilation

Because windows cannot be open day and night, natural ventilation can be chosen in a different way. Various ventilation products are available for this that regulate the supply and discharge of air, for example you can use ventilation grilles in walls or doors. This has the advantage that every desired room in the house is always supplied with clean air.

Mechanical ventilation

Convenience serves people and that certainly applies to ventilation. A mechanical ventilation system ( MVHR or MEV unit) ensures an optimal supply and removal of air, without having to worry about it. Moreover, mechanical ventilation is not only suitable for houses, but companies can also guarantee clean air quality by means of mechanical ventilation or industrial fans. Clean air not only increases health, but also productivity.

Be aware of the need for ventilation and think carefully about the different options. Natural ventilation is a good solution when the weather is nice and the windows can be open all day. However, mechanical ventilation is indispensable on cold days.

Ventilationland has been supplying thousands of ventilation systems to private individuals and companies every year for many years. So we can call ourselves specialists. We want to share this knowledge with you. If you have a technical question, don't hesitate to contact us.

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