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What is an axial fan?

What is an axial fan?
Posted on 11-5-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

An axial fan is a fan with a large capacity so that they can move large amounts of air. Because they have such a large capacity, they are suitable for the ventilation of large spaces, such as large factory halls and industrial workshops. The impeller of an axial extractor fan consists of large curved blades, with which large amounts of air can be transported.

Despite the fact that an axial fan can move a large amount of air, the size is an advantage. However, the disadvantages of this are the high turbulence, which is at the expense of the service life of the air distribution hoses and the high noise level.

In addition to axial fans, there are also radial fans. Unlike an axial fan, these move an average amount of air and are best used for high pressure systems. They have the advantage that they consume relatively little energy and still achieve high pressure.

For the proper ventilation of smaller spaces, you can take a look at our range of bathroom fans, inline tube fans or mechanical ventilation systems.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ventilationland team. Ventilationland has been supplying thousands of ventilation systems to private individuals and companies every year for more than 20 years. We can therefore call ourselves a specialist.

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