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How does a ventilation system work?

How does a ventilation system work?
Posted on 11-5-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

Ventilating your home is important for your health. Research has shown that incorrect ventilation affects concentration, fatigue, headaches, poor sleep and reduced concentration. Improving air quality thus reduces the risks of health problems. An excellent way to properly ventilate a home is to install a ventilation system.

A ventilation system ensures that fresh outside air is blown into a home. In addition, dirt, dust particles and moisture are sucked out of the home. The importance of removing moisture from a home is high. If too much moisture remains in the home, mold can develop in damp areas such as the bathroom. Ventilating a home can be done in different ways, according to 4 basic principles. These are also called ventilation systems ABCD.

  • Ventilation system A: Natural supply and natural exhaust. The degree of ventilation depends on the wind force on the facade of a house and the presence of wall, window or door ventilation grilles.
  • Ventilation system B: Mechanical supply and natural exhaust. Fresh air is sucked into the house by means of mechanical ventilation and distributed from there. This can cause heat loss.
  • Ventilation system C: Natural supply with mechanical exhaust (MEV unit). Extraction points are placed in specific rooms to ventilate. Such as in the toilet, bathroom and kitchen to get moisture out of the house. Because the fresh outside air can enter the house through ventilation grilles, light drafts can occur here.
  • Ventilation system D: Balanced ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR unit) based on mechanical supply and extraction. Air from inside the home is removed from wet areas and blown into other areas. The air passes through the heat exchanger and in this way there is little heat loss and this makes the system energy efficient.

On the page What is ventilation - System ABCD you will find a detailed explanation of ventilation systems A, B, C and D. Which one is most suitable in your situation? Read it here or contact us if you need more help.

Ventilationland has been supplying thousands of ventilation systems to private individuals and companies every year for more than 20 years. We can therefore call ourselves a specialist and we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Contact us for the possibilities!

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