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Thermoduct: temperature and noise insulation

Thermoduct: temperature and noise insulation
Posted on 28-4-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

What is Thermoduct?

insulated mvhr spiral tubes

Thermoduct is a product manufactured by Econox. A Thermoduct pipe is a spiral pipe made of high quality galvanised steel, with a thermal insulation layer on the outside. This has many advantages, which we will explain further in this blog.

The ventilation tube is also known as the MVHR spiral tube; because of the thermal insulation the heat of the ventilation air is hardly lost. Moreover, this insulation layer dampens the sound and thus prevents noise nuisance from the ventilation system. The material used also prevents condensation in the outlet to the outside. Insulation on site with the associated waste is therefore no longer necessary, and thanks to the Safe-joint and vapour-tight sealing tapes, there is no need for extra taping. All in all, a ready-made, cost-saving solution with a short installation time. Very convenient!

In addition to the pipes, Thermoduct accessories are also available to create a total ventilation system. The products are available in diameters from 125 mm up to 450 mm.

Thermoduct features

  • Spiro tube with insulation material on the outside
  • Available in the sizes Ø 125 up to Ø 450 mm
  • Both thermal insulation and sound insulation
  • Easy to install, just like spiral tube
  • Large range of pipes and fittings
  • Including safe-connection with rubber seal
  • Each fitting is supplied with two straps as standard
  • Completely smooth so no extra resistance
insulated spiral tubes

Advantages of Thermoduct

  • No more manual insulation with additional waste at the building site
  • No need for extra taping
  • The material is galvanised and easy to clean
  • Extremely suitable for the connection of a heat recovery unit
  • The solution if the installation has to comply with strict noise requirements (Building Regulations)
  • The damp-proof insulation layer ensures that no condensation forms on the pipes.

Ideal for temperature maintenance

An MVHR system ventilates the house and recovers as much heat as possible. In the summer the system will retain as much cool air as possible. This efficiency remains highest when the MVHR system is installed with insulated pipes. The Thermoduct pipe system is ideal for this: the pipes and fittings are already provided with a thermal insulation layer. Thermoduct is therefore very suitable for the installation of heat recovery units and air source heat pumps.

Would you like to know how to install Thermoduct? Watch the instruction video below.

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