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Ionisation and bipolar ionisation, how it works

Ionisation and bipolar ionisation, how it works
Posted on 1-2-2021 by Nienke Vinkenvleugel

Imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature. In a forest, on the beach or high up in the mountains, where do you feel good? The surroundings are beautiful and the air is pure. You take a deep breath...

In an environment like this, there are many negative ions. These are important for maintaining the oxygen level in the air. Air pollution reduces the number of negative ions. This causes the air quality to deteriorate and you will experience headaches, tightness of the chest, fatigue and dry eyes or a dry throat, for example.

At Ventilationland, we have various air purifiers in our range that work with (bipolar) ionisation technology. What this technique actually does is introduce negative ions into the air with an electrical charge. In this way, you can mimic the fresh air from nature, which is considered pleasant, indoors as well.

These air purifiers are also equipped with different filters for an extra good cleaning of the air. The air in a room with an air purifier is on average 99% cleaner than in a room without. Installing an air purifier is an addition to good ventilation. Discover the advantages of ionisation.

How do air purifiers with ionisation work?

The air purifiers with ionisation work as follows:

  • The device draws in air through the back.
  • The air passes through 3 filters, a coarse filter, HEPA H13 filter and an active carbon filter*.
  • The ionizer inactivates and aggravates harmful particles from the air. Ions are able to bind to aerosols as well as to predominantly positively charged particles such as bacteria, viruses, mould, pollen and fine dust. These are rendered harmless and they fall as they become heavier.
  • As a result, you no longer inhale the harmful air particles and you can easily dispose of them by vacuuming or cleaning. If, when vacuuming, particles do become airborne again, the process repeats itself.

With the Faton air purifiers with ionisation, the air is cleaned in the device itself.

*The word says it all: the coarse filter captures the coarse particles from the air. The HEPA filter removes harmful particles from the air that are much smaller. Finally, the carbon filter removes smells and hazardous substances from the air. This complete system ensures that approximately 90% of harmful particles are eliminated from the air.

How do air purifiers with bipolar ionisation work?

The air purifiers with bipolar ionisation work a little differently:

  • The air is drawn in through the back of the device.
  • The electrostatic filter first captures coarse particles. The carbon filter then purifies the air of unpleasant odours and hazardous substances.
  • The air purifier 'shoots' ions into the air, 95% of which are negatively charged. The air thus acts as an air purifier and the entire room is cleaned. The particles attach themselves to the unwanted viruses, bacteria, fine dust, etc., making them heavy and then falling down due to gravity. Bacteria and germs are rendered harmless.
  • Because both negative and positive ions are shot into the air with this technique, no ozone is released. As a result, many more ions can be produced. The negative ions will almost immediately render the positive ions harmless again.

With the Periso air purifiers with bipolar ionisation the air is not cleaned in the device but in the air itself, because the space is filled with ions. This makes the Periso AERSwiss Pro Blue or Gold much more efficient than comparable models of other brands.
The Periso air purifiers are made in Switzerland and offer optimal security when it comes to filtering and ionising the air present in homes as well as in buildings, offices and shops.

Frequently asked questions

Does an air purifier help with allergies?
People suffering from allergies and/or asthma often have fewer complaints when staying in places where the air contains many negative ions. By installing an air purifier, there are more negative ions and there is less (fine) dust in the air. An air cleaner can also provide relief for hay fever in the so-called pollen season. The air purifier will not solve the allergy, but it does make the living environment more pleasant for someone with allergy symptoms. What a relief!

Does an ioniser emit ozone?
Yes, but this is a very small quantity that is not harmful to your health. The ozone value of air purifiers with an ioniser is 0.01 ppm. Extra ventilation is therefore not necessary.
However, air purifiers with an ioniser are not suitable for everyone; the ozone can possibly irritate the airways of someone with asthma. With a bipolar ioniser, this is not a problem because the device does not emit any ozone.

Which air purifier should I buy? And where do I place the air purifier?
You can experience and try out the advantage of an air purifier by placing an ioniser in the most frequently used room. This is probably the most polluted room and the device will come into its own here. You can place the device in any desired corner. You will notice how pleasant this is, after which you can expand it if necessary.

You can find more help with your choice of air purifier here.

Why an air purifier if I already ventilate well?
An air purifier is really an addition to good ventilation. The air purifier filters out dust, dust mites, pollen and fine dust, but also unpleasant odours and cigarette smells. The HEPA filter removes harmful particles from the air that are much smaller. In addition, the ionisation technique ensures that bacteria and viruses, among others, are rendered inactive and heavy, so that you no longer breathe them in.

Does an air purifier work against corona?
Ionisation has proved to be a proven technique against corona. However, your house will not immediately be 100% virus-free, because you can still carry the virus particles on your hands, for example. Therefore, you should always follow the instructions (wash your hands properly, etc.).

How long can the air purifier be on?
The air purifier can be on 24/7, constantly refreshing and filtering the air. The devices will then always do their job, even during the night or when you are not at home.

Do you have any other questions after reading this blog? Feel free to contact our customer service. They will help you further.

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