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Adiabatic cooling

Adiabatic cooling
Posted on 14-5-2020 by Lisa Schoenmakers

Adiabatic cooling, or evaporative cooling, is a more energy-efficient and sustainable alternative to ordinary air conditioning. Depending on the air flow, this method of cooling is up to 80% more efficient and has been used for centuries.

How does an adiabatic air cooler work?

The adiabatic air cooler is easy to connect to the channel of each MVHR system. As a result, the warm air from the room does not enter the WTW system directly, but first passes through the cooler. In this cooler there is a so-called matrix; a construction that is continuously humidified. This moisture evaporates and cools the warm air. The cool air is then stored in the heat exchanger of the MVHR unit and makes this basically a cold exchanger. The heat exchanger system continuously supplies clean outside air. This air flows past the heat exchanger and thus the warm air from outside is cooled. Finally, the MVHR unit blows the cool air into the room. Because we work according to the evaporation principle, the highest efficiency is achieved when the relative humidity in the house is low.

Adiabatic coolers

HomEvap MVRH cooler
HomEvap MVHR cooler – suitable for external control
HomEvap MVHR Combi Comfort humidifier and cooler

Direct or indirect adiabatic cooling?

Above process is also called indirect adiabatic cooling. The moisture is discharged and is therefore not blown into the room. This method of cooling is therefore very suitable for areas where the humidity must remain constant.

If varying humidity is not a problem, you can also opt for direct adiabatic cooling. This method is less complicated because the moisture does not have to be removed. Is this the preferred option? Then the cooler should be mounted on the air supply duct from the WTW unit to the room.

What if cooling is not necessary?

A heat recovery system has the advantage that the supply air is heated automatically. This results in a considerable efficiency and energy savings. This is also the reason why many people choose such a system.

All new WTW systems are equipped with a bypass as standard. This bypass helps to cool your house during the summer nights. This blocks access to the heat exchanger. When the bypass is open during the summer nights, cooler outside air flows in and the house is cooled. The warm air that is discharged will not enter the bypass and will be discharged directly to the outside. In case an adiabatic air cooler is installed it will automatically switch off when the desired room temperature, as set on the control panel, has been reached. 

Adiabatic cooling benefits

  • Up to 80% more effective than regular air conditioning
  • Easy to connect to any WTW system
  • Ventilation, heating and cooling in one
  • The warmer and drier the outside air, the higher the efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly (natural cooling)
  • Centennial proven refrigeration technology

Do you also want adiabatic cooling? In our assortment you will find the HomEvap WTW cooler and HomEvap Combi Comfort. Do you have any questions or would you like advice about our products? Please get in contact with our customer service.

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