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How pure is the air in our homes?

How pure is the air in our homes?
Posted on 4-8-2020 by Felix Dijkmeijer

How pure is the air in our homes?
Every day we breathe more than 25,000 times. The quality of the air we breathe has a major impact on our health. Clean air provides more energy, better concentration and can even contribute to a longer life. It is often thought that we do not suffer from air pollution indoors, but this is unjustified. Also in the house the air is often unhealthy. And because we spend as much as 80% of our time indoors, a healthy indoor climate is very important. Fortunately, nowadays many homes are equipped with a ventilation system with heat recovery (HRU) which ensures continuous fresh air in the house without any loss of heat. But even if your home is equipped with the best ventilation system, small harmful substances such as (ultra) fine dust, bacteria and pollen can still enter. To ensure that even the smallest particles do not enter your home, there is now an accessory available for your ventilation system that makes a difference; the Brink Pure Induct. The Pure Induct ensures the purest and most filtered ventilation air.

The Pure Induct filters the smallest particles
The smallest particles such as (ultra) fine dust, bacteria and pollen are not filtered through a standard filter and end up deep in the lungs after inhalation. Healthy people can have complaints and for people who already have complaints, the complaints can get worse. The Pure induct makes the fresh air completely (fine) dust-free by means of ionisation. The smallest particles such as ultra-fine dust, smog, pollen, soot particles, viruses and bacteria have no chance to enter the house while the house is fully ventilated. Health problems caused by wood smoke can also be prevented with a Pure Induct. A lot of fine dust is released when burning wood. The Pure induct is also suitable for new homes. Especially in an environment where new houses are built, a lot of fine dust is present. The Pure induct is used in the duct of the ventilation system.

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